Thrift Store Items You Can Resell on eBay (4/23/2012)

Hi everyone and welcome to the April 23, 2012 edition of Thrift Store Items You Can Resell on eBay!

Each week I’ll post several pics of thrift store items that I’ve recently sold on eBay, as well as share with you the profits that I’ve made for that item.

This post thread has quickly become my favorite and hopefully you’re starting to get some ideas of what brands and items to look for at your own thrift stores.

Finds of the Week

Nike Air Max size 9.5

Item cost:  $5.99

Winning Bid:  $34.99

Vintage Anaheim Ducks Snapback Hat

Item cost:  $1.99

Winning Bid:  $40.00 

Nike Lunartrainer + size 9

Item cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $60.00

Gucci Heels size 7.5

Item cost:  $7.99

Winning Bid:  $66.00 

7 thoughts on “Thrift Store Items You Can Resell on eBay (4/23/2012)”

  1. How you find this stuff to sell is amazing. I think I am going to have to buy your guide to get some insight myself.

    Good Job!

  2. Hello! I just found your blog and am loving it! Thank you for all your insights. How I wished I was the one who won your Gucci shoe am a shoe addict!

    Just a quick question: Are you able to get your used sneakers with their boxes? If not, what is your preferred method of packaging and shipping?

    I am amazed at the condition of your used sneakers! I read your info on cleaning sneakers and I know you put some elbow grease to achieve this. Do you use the same method of cleaning regardless of material (ex. leather, fabric, nylon, etc.)? Do you ever stick them in the washing machine?

    Thanks in advance for your attention. I look forward to your reply.

    1. Hi, I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog!

      I’m a shoe addict also and they’re one of my favorite thrift store items to resell on ebay. I can only remember 1 or 2 times where I purchased a pair of thrift store shoes with the box. It’s definitely a rare thing. The majority of my shoes are shipped using the USPS Medium or Large Flat rate boxes. I like these because these boxes are free at the post office and it’s Flat Rate so there’s no need to weigh it. Plus you can just print the postage online and avoid waiting in line at the post office.

      I use the same method of cleaning on all materials EXCEPT suede shoes. I’ve tried it before but I found that it distorts the color of the material. I noticed, however, that Footlocker and Champs released a Suede Version of the shoe cleaner so I’m happy about that. It takes some effort to get thrift stores shoes ready for sale but I believe it’s time well spent. It really does make a difference in sales!

      Hope that helps:)


  3. Hey Meinard!
    Still loving the blog and twitter updates!
    I was just curious about opening a second ebay account.. I listed 16 items in a week and then realized that if I keep it up I’m going to go over my 50-free listing limit! Did you have to provide alternate billing and contact info or are you able to just create accounts as you please?

    1. Hi Madeline,

      You shouldn’t have a problem opening a separate ebay account. I provided the same shipping and contact info but I didn’t add my any credit or debit card info. Just be sure to link it to your paypal account and you should be fine.

      Let me know how it works out, thanks!


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