“Goldilock” Success Stories


Hi everyone!  I hope you had great President’s Day and you feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready for another great week!

We’ve had an unusual amount of rain here on the islands recently and it feels like I haven’t seen the sun in a few days.  Regardless, not even the string of bad weather can dampen my spirits thanks to these recent sales!

I had some success with the auction-format this week but, by and large, the majority of my sales came from using Buy-It-Now’s; specifically, the Goldilocks Price Point (a.k.a. $39.99).  I gave it this name because the price is not too low and not too high – it seems to be “just right” for a lot of buyers.  This price point has worked time and time again this week and it has become my default format/price of choice whenever I can’t decide on how to price an item.

Why not when it’s been working this well, right?!

I know it was big weekend at Savers for many resellers and I hope you all took advantage of their 50% special.  I was planning on visiting them again today but I better not – I’m sure the place has been picked clean over the weekend so I’ll probably give them a few days to replenish their stock.

Good luck this week at the thrift stores and talk to you soon!


Finds of the Week

Nine West Boots

Nine West Croc

Item Cost:  $6.99

Buy-It-Now:  $39.99

Vintage Rasheed Wallace Jersey


Item Cost:  $3.99

Buy-It-Now:  $39.99

Nike Youth Lebron IV

Lebron iv

Item Cost:  $2.99

Buy-It-Now:  $39.99

Reebok Cleveland Browns Jacket


Item Cost:  $8.99

Buy-It-Now:  $39.99

Mondetta USA Jacket


Item Cost:  $7.99

Buy-It-Now:  $39.99

My “Pay my cell phone bill” Brand


Item Cost:  $6.99

Buy-It-Now:  $49.99

Those who’ve read my Reseller Guide already know that this is one of my FAVORITE thrift store brands to find, and with good reason!  Lately, I’ve been referring to this brand (in my head, whenever I find them) as my “Pay my cell phone bill” brand because they’re almost a guaranteed $49.99 whenever I find one.

They’re extremely valuable and the demand is crazy for them, especially if you find the right style.  While other jeans may struggle to get $15-$20 bids, I’ve been able to sell this brand for $49.99-$69.99, and rather quickly too. In fact, I sold this particular pair in less than a day!

Finds of the Week (2/12/2014) plus A Great Quote I Read

Untitled-1I had to stop and think for a second as I was writing the title:  Is it really almost the middle of February already??  I swear we were just celebrating the new year and making resolutions.  It’s just another reminder that we need to constantly stay focused and CONSTANTLY working on our goals or else we’ll be full of regret at the end of the year,  dazed and confused wondering where the time went.

“It’s hard for me to relate when people can’t wait for the week to be over or can’t wait to rush out of the office for Happy Hour.  My job is never done, nor do I want it to be.  That’s not to say that I never do things for pleasure, but I am constructing my own life and not constricting it based on someone else’s ideas or standards.”

-Meredith Finemen

Some people may read this quote and think she’s a workaholic but I just see someone who’s fully engaged and just passionate about what she’s doing.  To be honest, this ENTIRE quote just resonates with me.

My job is never done and I’m always working and thinking about how I can achieve my goals for this year.  How much more can I make this week?  Can I squeeze in a few more thrift store visits?  How can I improve my auctions?  How much should I list this item for?  What else can I include in the Reseller Guide?  What else can I add to the blog? And on and on and on…

And the weird thing is I’m not burnt out AT ALL by it.  To me, it’s fun and I get excited by it.  I wake up each and every morning not with dread or anxiety about the day’s to-do list; but rather with hope and excitement about what I sold while I was sleeping or what great item I’ll find during my visits to the thrift store.

Not into quotes so much?!  Here’s a speech by the late Steve Jobs that offers the same great advice:

This is what I hope for you!  A sense of purpose and something that get’s you excited to get out of bed and ready to conquer the day.  If it’s thrift store reselling, great!  If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.  You hear it all the time but life really is too short to be doing something you don’t love!

Thanks again for all your support and I hope you enjoy my latest thrift store finds!

Talk to soon,


Finds of the Week

Asics Women’s Running Shoes


Item Cost:  $6.99

Buy It Now:  $49.99

Storm Bowling Jersey

Storm Black

Item cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $36.00

Storm Bowling Jersey

Storm Multi

Item Cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $38.09

Nike Kobe Bryant

Kobe System

Item Cost:  $6.99

Buy It Now:  $39.99

Newton Running Shoes


Item cost:  $7.99

Winning Bid:  $56.00

Now Hiring: College Students Wanted

Seahawks logoLet me start by saying that I hope you had a great Super Bowl Sunday!

It’s not an official holiday but it may as well be with all the festivities that surround that event.  The game wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be (unless you’re a Seahawks fan, of course) but I was pleasantly surprised that there was still a lot of bids and payments being sent throughout the day.  Definitely a good feeling to receive money while watching a football game!  Anyways, I hope you had a great time.

Plus, I also wanted to remind everyone that - with the NFL season over - the focus now shifts to the NBA.  So if you have any NBA gear to sell, now would be the perfect time to get those items listed!

College Students Welcome


Now, about the title of this post:  No, I’m not hiring (and I definitely don’t want to be anyone’s boss) but if Thrift Store Reselling was a company and they were looking to hire, do you know who would benefit tremendously from this type of “work”?  College sCollege Studenttudents!

Yup, college students  -the seriously lacking sleep, juggling multiple classes, working on 20-page papers, while living off Ramen noodles people!

How do I know?  Well, because I was actually reselling while I was in college.

In fact, there’s one story that I still remember to this day.  I was sitting in class (a small size, maybe 20 or so) and the dean of the school decided to stop by.  She was well aware of the skyrocketing cost of higher education so she decided to surprise us by offering us her collection of books from her office – all for FREE!  This was definitely a pleasant surprise because, as any college student can tell you, textbooks are NOT cheap!

And while the other students were using this opportunity to find books to supplement their learning, I was using this great opportunity to find books to supplement my earning!

I quickly scanned as many as I could and I found 5 that were worth reselling on Amazon (there were probably more but I’m sure my classmates took a few of them).  Regardless, I eventually sold the books that I found for $300+ on Amazon. Not bad for a few minutes work!

You can discover my technique for finding these valuable textbooks in My Thrift Store Reseller Guide.  It’s quick and easy, plus you don’t need any expensive book scanners!

Here are some textbooks that I sold using this technique:

A 100 Years of Harley Davidson

100 Years of Harley Davidson

Sold for $51.02

Biology:  Concepts and Connections


Sold for $99.03

The Benefits of Reselling

It’s been years since I attended college but the challenges are still fresh in my mind.  It was definitely a juggling act and it seemed most of my time was spent balancing time between going to classes, working on papers, studying for exams, oh and trying to find time to sleep as well.  Plus, as any college student can tell you, it wasn’t cheap either.  Textbook prices are ridiculous and you also have to factor in parking fees and food money – Ramen noodles gets old REALLY fast!!

Reselling thrift stores items on eBay provided partial relief to many of these issues, and it provided a ton of advantages over getting a traditional job.

FreedomTo me, the biggest advantage of reselling for college students is the freedom of time that it allows.  In an ideal world, we would all get the classes we want, in the perfect time slot that we needed.  But sadly, especially for freshman students, that’s rarely the case.  Sometimes, the lecture that you need is full or it’s only being offered at nighttime.

Bottom line, sometimes it  just doesn’t work out.

The great thing about reselling is that you can tailor it around YOUR schedule and not the other way around.  It’s not a type of job where you have to punch in at a certain time, no.  You can do it after your classes or whenever some time opens up.  I remember when I used to commute home after a lecture - instead of fighting traffic and just sitting there wasting time in my car – I would pull over to a Goodwill or Salvation Army on the way home and look around while I wait for traffic to die down.  So I made some money while avoiding traffic.  Two of my favorite activities!

It’s so flexible and, to this day, I think that’s the aspect of this business that I appreciate the most!

You also don’t need a lot of space to get started, which is great especially if you’re dorming or living in an apartment off-campus.  All you really need is a computer and a small corner to take pictures.  Plus, there was a post office located directly on-campus so I would just drop off my packages on the way to class.  It definitely was a perfect college job!

I still smile whenever a college student (or a parent of one) ask about reselling because it brings back so many great memories.  Back in my college days, I wasn’t reselling at the same level as I am now. but I was definitely making enough money on the side to make life a little easier :)

Thanks and best of luck to all the college students out there!

Go UH Warriors!


“What A Great Day” Updates + More Finds of the Week

Happy Saturday!  I know this is a busy day of thrifting and listing for many of you so I’ll just dive right into it.

A week ago, I wrote a post about a Great Day that I recently had at the thrift stores and on eBay.  Well, I’m happy to say that several of those items that I found have been sold and I just wanted to give a some quick updates on the results.  Plus, I’ve had more AMAZING sales from those quick, 15-minutes visits that I’ve told you about so I’m excited to share those as well.

In the mean time, good luck to everyone at the thrift stores today – I hope that every aisle you walk into is filled with great items!

Talk soon,


Finds of the Week


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $37.00

Not a bad price, considering that there were loose threads all around and the main zipper was broken.  Can you imagine what it would’ve sold for if it was in better condition!?

The “Nightcap” Shirt


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

This was the item that I purchased at Savers during my last visit of the day.  I love this brand!  Those of you who’ve read My Reseller Guide  (THANK YOU for the support!!) already know that this is one of my FAVORITE brands to look for.  It’s basically a guaranteed $50 (or cell phone bill payment haha ) every time I find it!

Here are more of these shirts that I’ve found and sold for $50:

Nightcap 2

Nightcap 3

Retro Air Jordan


Item Cost:  $9.99

Winning Bid:  $110.00

I found this item during another quick 15-minutes visit and it goes without saying that I was glad I decided to stop by.  Nike actually released these shoes as part of a set:


They’re worth more when sold together so I was frantically searching the entire store trying to find the red pair, but no luck.  Maybe someone had already bought it or the person donated it decided to just keep it for themselves.  Either way, I was more than happy to leave the store with this pair!

I listed it for $124.99 and a buyer offered to pay $110 for it.  As much as I hate those unsolicited offers, I wasn’t about to decline a decent offer like that!

What A Great Day!

JackLet me start by saying that, overall, most of my days at the thrift store and eBay are pretty great – I make sales on a (almost) daily basis and I can’t remember the last time I left a thrift store without at least 2-3 items to resell on Ebay.  So life’s already pretty good to begin with!

But have you ever had a REALLY great day?  One of those “Jack Bauer” on “24″ days that seems to stand out from the rest?  Where it seems like you can’t do anything wrong and even seemingly negative events turn out to be blessings in disguise?

Well, I had one of those days on Tuesday, January 14th!

There were some great sales (4 to be exact), found some amazing stuff (more on that later), and I can’t help but smile whenever things work out for the better (which they usually do).

It was definitely a great day so let’s get started!

Rise and Shine

The day had already started out on a good note when I woke up and discovered that these jeans had sold for $59.99!!


I found these jeans a few days earlier during one of my quick stop-by’s at Goodwill.  This just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a lot of time at the thrift store to find great stuff.  Whenever I’m busy, I still spend a quick 10-15 minutes at a Goodwill or Savers just to see what shoes and jackets are available (they’re the easiest to sort through).  As you can see, it’s definitely worth the time to check!

Sell and Find More:  The Reselling Cycle

After packing the jeans and shipping the rest of my sales from the previous night, I decided to check out a Goodwill in Wahiawa.  This is actually one of my favorite spots to visit but I rarely go there because it’s somewhat of an outlier when it comes to thrift stores in my area.

The other stores are packed together which makes it easier (and cheaper on gas) to visit all at once.  This store, however, is pretty much by itself.  Nevertheless, it’s been a few weeks since I last visited - plus I was feeling good about my early sale - so I decided to stop by and check it out.

As I parked my car and started walking to the entrance, I checked my phone to see if I’ve made any sales during the drive there when this popped up - these boots had just sold for $49.99!!


Two great items sold, over $100 in sales, and I haven’t even stepped foot in a thrift store yet!

And did I find anything good at this Goodwill stop?  It wouldn’t be a good day if I didn’t!  I was able to find some great shoes (or what I thought were great shoes), a couple of vintage jerseys, and some nice shirts!

Serendipity (and More Sales!!)

Needless to say, I was feeling pretty good about myself on the drive back.

I packed my two sales as soon as I got home and I quickly prepped and cleaned the shoes I found in Wahiawa so I could list them.  But when I looked inside to note the size I realized that they were actually mis-matched sizes – one was a size 7 and the other was a 7.5.  And then I remembered that there were actually two pairs of this shoe at the thrift store and, somehow, I managed to mix them up before purchasing them.

I was a little annoyed with myself because usually I’m pretty good at checking my items so that I can avoid situations like this.  Oh well, Goodwill has a great return policy and it gave me a reason to visit another store later in the day.  As you’ll soon see, I’ve never been happier to purchase a pair of mis-matched shoes!

I quickly set the shoes aside (since they were no longer going to be auctioned) and I started to work on the other items I found.  After a few minutes, I received a message from a buyer with one of those unsolicited best-offers.  To be honest, I’m not a fan of these offers mainly because the majority of them are so ridiculous that they’re not even worth replying to.

Not today though!

I listed this Ralph Lauren jacket for $79.99 BIN and he offered to $65 shipped for it!  He had over 200+ positive and he could pay right away so I quickly changed the price on my phone and, as promised, he sent the payment immediately – another great sale!


I was feeling pretty good thanks to these sales and I was able to quickly list the items I found earlier in the day.  With that task completed, I started to make my way out the door to return the mis-matched shoes from earlier when the eBay app on my phone made that “Cha-ching” sound, indicating that a sale had been made. (I love that sound by the way, I could listen to it ALL day!)

And what did it show?  Only the best sale of the day!  A pair of vintage Nike shorts for $79.99!!


These were great sales and I’m not even including all the $24.99 auction bids that I received on this day.  So you can understand why I had a HUGE smile on my face during that drive to Goodwill.

I arrived at the store expecting MORE great things (based on how the day was going) but, unfortunately,  the selection was a little disappointing.  I couldn’t find anything at the men’s or women’s shoes, or anywhere else for that matter.  I was actually about to leave when I noticed a rack of clothes on the side.

I figured I might as well check it out since I was there and, just like that, a slow day turned into one of my most memorable ones yet thanks to these two items:


If you’re not excited by this logo then you should definitely check out my FREE 2-Week Mini-Course!  (FYI, another seller on eBay just sold the same exact blue jacket for $189.99).

I mention this story because 1) In all my years of thrifting, I’ve found only 10 or so of these items so to find 2 in one day is definitely worth mentioning and 2) I think it’s pretty amazing when things just work out for the better.

I almost get the feeling that I was meant to find these item.  Think about it:  this all started because I mistakenly purchased mis-matched shoes.  I never intended to visit this store at all on that day, but somehow I found myself there and these two items were there waiting for me.  Everything worked out perfectly!


I was so excited after Goodwill that I decided to stop by Savers as well and guess what?  Yup, I found even MORE great stuff  like one of my favorite brands:


And that’s where I ended my day.  I stayed at Savers until closing and, with the way things were going that day, I would’ve continued thrifting too if there were any 24-hour thrift stores.  Are there any 24-hour thrift stores??

Anyways, that was my day in nutshell.  It was definitely a fun ride and, thinking back on it, there’s really no reason why we can’t have more days like that.  We just have to take action – so keep visiting, keep listing, and make it happen!

Thanks again for all your support and good luck at the thrift stores!


Thrift Store Items You Can Resell on eBay (1/11/2014)

frustrated kobeWith the holiday season in the rear view mirror and daily life starting to (somewhat) get back to normal, it feels like a great time to get back into the groove of things and start sharing some of my thrift store finds.

I hope you took advantage of the holiday rush and you made some serious moves during that time.  I was definitely riding a nice wave of sales but, unfortunately, what goes up must eventually come down.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m comparing it to the rush of the holiday season but it sure feel like sales have slow down a little.  I’m still making daily trips to the post office but the eBay fishes aren’t biting like they used to.

Luckily, eBay just announced another promotion (200,000 free auction-listings from January 11-21) which will hopefully jump-start some sales again.  I’ve been thrifting like crazy the past two days and I’ve found some great stuff along the way.  I just about finished taking pictures and I’m just waiting for the promo to start so I can take advantage of the free listings.

In the mean time, it’s not all bad news – except for the Lakers losing YET another game by like 50 million points!  Take your time and get well Kobe; no point rushing back to this mess!  But I digress.

Like I said, it’s not all bad news on the eBay front.  I’ve still made some great sales and I’m confident that this upcoming promo is just what I need to get the bids rolling again.

Until next time, have a great weekend and good luck at the thrift stores!


Finds of the Week

Nike Kobe Bryant


Item cost:  $6.99

BIN Price:  $39.99

 Hello Kitty Boots

Hello Kitty

Item Cost:  $9.99

Winning Offer:  $41.23

 Check out the FREE 2-Week Mini-Course to Learn More about this Great Brand of Hiking Boots!!


Item Cost:  $6.99

BIN Price:  $49.99

My Goals for 2014

ResolutionsIt’s been a while since I last posted so let me first start off by saying Happy New Year to you and your family!  I hope you’re in good spirits and already a few days closer to achieving your goals for 2014!

This is the New Year’s Resolution post that I intended to write on…wait for it…yup, New Years!  However, I was hit with a cold or flu or something that pretty much knocked me out for the first two days of the year.  Not the start I wanted to have but I’m feeling much better and ready to forge ahead with another great year.

One of the many great things that I love about January 1st is that it offers us a great vantage point in our lives; it allows us the opportunity to not only reminisces about the past year but to also look ahead at the possibilities of the upcoming one.

2013 was without a doubt an AMAZING year for me on eBay but I’m expecting even bigger and better things in 2014!

So what exactly do I hope to accomplish this year?

Well, if I can sum up my goals in one word it would be this:  Expansion!

To call this my New Year’s Resolution would be a little inappropriate because this is a strategy that I’ve actually been implementing for several months now.

For example:

-I recently opened another eBay store (that makes two now) and each store now has over 1000+ positive feedbacks.  This was something that I’ve wanted to accomplish for a while now and I’m hoping it will increase buyer confidence and eventually sales.

-I’ve increased my monthly sales goal to $10,000 per month (read about it here).  This is HUGE undertaking to say the least and it’s definitely going to take some time (and some hard work) to accomplish but I’m already starting to see improvement in my sales and I’m optimistic that it can be done because of my next point which is…

-The number of thrift store brands and items that I look for has skyrocketed!  Those of you who purchased my Updated Reseller Guide (thank you so much for the support!!) should now have something valuable to search for in just about every corner of the store.  And you know what?  I’m still expanding into different niches including women’s athletic apparel (potential Update Alert) where I’ve already found several gems including these.

By the way, finding these items were well worth the “weird” looks I received because I was looking through the women’s section lol!

Studio Pants

Sold for $41.00

Sports Bra

 Sold for $36.00

My Pet Projects for 2014:  Multiple Streams of Income

Multiple Streams


Continuing with “Expansion” theme of this post,  the two projects that I’ll be spending a lot of time with this year are Google Adsense and the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Adsense is a program operated by Google and it allows website owners to earn revenue by allowing Google to run targeted ads on their site.  Basically, you earn revenue every time someone visits your site and clicks on your ads.  I’ve been trying this on the side for several months now and my biggest earnings so far was actually this past December where I earned $206.20.

The Amazon Affiliate program is another free program which allows you to market and promote any of the millions of products sold on Amazon.  You earn a referral fee (commission) any time someone purchases a product through a personal affiliate link that Amazon provides.  So far my biggest month earning has been $27.

There are two (2) reasons why I decided to branch out into different programs:

  1.  It’s good to diversify.  Ebay is a great way to make money online but there are many more opportunities available.  There are thousands of people just like us who are enjoying tremendous success on these other programs so why not us right?
  2. I like the idea of passive income.  The hard work for many of my sites (website creation, article writing, posting, etc) has already been finished months ago and they’re still earning revenue to this day.  The goal now is to build as many of these sites as possible!

Reselling thrift store items on eBay is still my #1 priority and I don’t see that changing anytime soon – it’s just way too fun and profitable!  However, I do see the massive potential in Google Adsense and the Amazon Affiliate Program.

This is how I see my days playing out:  I’m most productive in the morning so I’ll be using that time to visit thrift stores and list items on eBay.  The late afternoon and evenings, however, will be spent writing, researching, and overall just trying to improve myself in these two endeavors.

My goal is to eventually earn $1,500 per month from EACH of these programs by the end of the year!  As you can see, I have a LOOOOOOOONNNG way to go but I’m excited by it.  Having multiple streams of income will also make it easier to reach my ultimate goal of earning $10,000 per month.

So that’s what I’m doing this year.  How about you?  What are you excited about?  What goals are you looking to achieve?  Challenges you want to overcome?  I’d love to hear them!

Thanks again for all your support and here’s to an AMAZING 2014!!



Finish Strong

Finish StrongAs of this writing, there’s about a week remaining until Christmas morning.  That means there’s only a few days left to take advantage of willing buyers, an increase in spending, and a great opportunity to make some extra income!

I know the weather’s getting a little colder (even by Hawai’i standards), plus family is all around, and the easy thing to do would be to just relax and let 2013 wind down.  That’s fine and great, but I just want to let you know that if you don’t take advantage of the Christmas Season on eBay then there’s a good chance you will regret it.

Maybe not now, but you will come January, February, and March when holiday bills are starting to take effect and buyers are not as care-free with their spending.  Sales will take a little dip, they always have every single year (for me anyway).

So while you can, visit the thrift store as many times as you can and list as many items as you possibly can.  If I’m not mistaken, eBay is currently running a seller’s promotion for 100,000 free listings until December 24th.  I don’t know about you but definitely taking advantage of that!

If you’ve been thinking about selling thrift store items on eBay, NOW is the perfect time to start!

There are a lot resources here to help get you started.  You can check out my popular Finds of the Week post (I’ve been writing these post for years now and I’ve shared a lot of great sales) and you can also sign up for my FREE 2-Week Mini-Course which provides more in-depth training on how you can find some of my favorite thrift store brands and items.

Lastly, my recently updated Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Reselling shares all the brands and items that I look for, plus all the techniques that I use on a daily basis to help me earn some great income on eBay.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, the most important thing is that you TAKE ACTION these next couple of days and list as many items as possible – you won’t regret it!

It was a week of great sales for me highlighted by yet another great hoodie costume mask that I found.  And if you thought my previous hoodie masks were great, then you’re definitely going to like this one!

Take care and best of luck at the thrift stores!


Finds of the Week

New Balance Running Shoes


Item Cost:  $6.99

BIN:  $49.99

Vintage Nike Lebron James


Item Cost:  $7.99

BIN:  $99.99

Friday the 13th Jason Hockey Hoodie Mask

I wanted to keep this one but it was impossible for me to past up the sale.  Plus, when was I going to wear it anyway – at a Christmas holiday party?! Regardless, this is an awesome looking hoodie!!


 Item Cost:  $6.99

BIN:  $124.99

Finds of the Week plus Marathon Success!

Finish LineAs I mentioned in my previous post, I was a little (okay, A LOT) anxious about the Honolulu Marathon which took place on Sunday, December 8th.  I’ll be honest and admit that I wasn’t prepared for it and, being that it was my first time, I was unsure about what to expect from the course.

But as the fireworks started and the race began, all those anxieties and doubts vanished rather quickly.  In its place was excitement and adventure, and there were supporters in EVERY mile of the course providing encouragement and refreshments along the way.  Pretzels never tasted so good!

It was a challenge no doubt.  In fact, there was even someone who suffered a heart attack and collapsed to the ground in front of me and my brother on the 23rd mile.  My brother, who’s a nurse, couldn’t feel a pulse so he quickly began applying chest compressions until the paramedics arrived; which took surprisingly long, about 15-20 minutes.

My brother and the others who took turns with the compressions were never able to regain a steady pulse but hopefully the paramedics had better luck on the ambulance.  It was a surreal sight, I hope everything turned out well for him.

I was able to finish the course in 6 hours and 41 minutes and I couldn’t have been more relieved to see that Finish Line.  It wasn’t the best time (by comparison, the winner finished in 2 hours and 18 minutes) but the thrill of finishing still was an amazing feeling!

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, and for helping me to finally achieve this goal!!


Finds of the Week

Demetre Virgin Wool Ugly Sweater


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  22.50

I’ve been trying to sell this sweater for months with no success.  I even went down to $9.99 BIN and still no action.  The moment I added the term “Ugly Sweater” in the description then all of a sudden the number of watchers jumped.  If you have an item that can even remotely be considered an “Ugly Sweater” then I would highly recommend just adding it to the title description.  It’s worth a shot!

Vintage Atlanta Falcons Jacket


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $39.99

Philadelphia Phillies Hoodie Jacket


Item Cost:  $6.99

BIN:  $49.99

26.2 Reasons To Be Distracted

    Let me start by saying that I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner and a great (and hopefully safe) time shopping on Black Friday – it was pretty civil in my area except for a few reported scuffles at Wal-Mart.  Nonetheless, I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the Christmas Season!

    I also want to apologize for the lack of updates recently.  I try to update the blog and my Twitter account (@thrift_reseller) with some of my recent finds but an upcoming event has a strangle-hold on attention span recently:  the Honolulu Marathon!

    Honolulu marathonYup, the Honolulu Marathon starts on December 8th at 5am, bright and early!  26.2 miles of tortuous -albeit, scenic – roads that starts and ends at our Kapiolani Park.

    I wish I could say that I was excited about the race, but I think the term “anxious” is more appropriate.  I actually signed up for this race back in January (seriously, Where Did the Time Go?!) and now it’s just a few days away.  It’s my first attempt at a Marathon so that’s reason enough to be a little nervous.  Plus, I wished I trained harder and ran a lot more miles leading up to it.

    But I’m always ready for a good challenge and no doubt this is going to be one.

    There are however a few positives heading into the race: 1)  Walkers are welcome – that’s me! (partly, anyway),  2) there’s no time-limit to finish the race (last years race took 14 hours to officially end), and 3) I’m hoping that the rush of the crowd (over 20,00 have signed-up) will be enough to see me through the hard times when it feels like my knees are about to explode!

    Until then, I’m just trying to hydrate and stay off my feet as much as possible – thrift store visits not included :)

    In the meantime, here are some of my recent sales from this past week.  I definitely noticed an up-stick of bids and sales during Black Friday weekend so hopefully you caught some of that as well.

    Enjoy and wish me luck this Sunday!


    Finds of the Week

    Quaker Factory Christmas Vest


    Item Cost:  $6.99

    Winning Bid:  $27.49

    I was hoping to get a little more for this vest but I’m still happy with the results.  I have another one that I’ll probably use a BIN price for instead.  I’ll keep you updated!

    This is just one of the Many New Brands included in the Updated Reseller Guide!


    Item cost:  $2.99

    Winning Bid:  $31.00

    Dingo Cowboy Boots


    Item Cost:  $6.99

    Winning Bid:  $39.99 (aka The Goldilock Price Point)

    Asics Neon Running Shoes


    Item cost:  $6.99

    Winning Bid:  $53.00