Thrift Store Sales from My “So-So” Weekend


Happy Tuesday thrifters!

I don’t usually say this but man am I glad that weekend was over!  Which is strange because usually the weekends are good times – I get to hang with with folks that usually work doing the week, catch a football game or two (or four), and of course we can’t forget the extra eBay sales right?!

Usually.  But this past weekend was a different story.

The first two actually happened but it was rather slow on the eBay front and if you follow me on twitter (@thrift_reseller) then you probably read my tweets about how my eBay store was a “ghost town” this past weekend.

It got better as the weekend progressed and, as my fellow thrifter Grace said, it started to basically pick up when the NFL games finished.

So I wish I could share some $100+ sales with you today but unfortunately it wasn’t that kind of weekend.  Still, I’m happy and grateful with any sales that I make so it wasn’t a total letdown.

I hope you had a better weekend than I did.  I made a few sales today so at least this week is headed in the right direction :)

Enjoy this edition of Finds of the Week and I’ll talk to you soon!


Finds of the Week

Nike Infant LeBron James

lebron zoom

Item Cost:  $2.99

Winning bid:  $14.99

Adobe Illustrator Textbook

Item Cost:  $2.99

Sold on Amazon for $24.17

Vintage Nike Kevin Durant

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Nike Air Max Hasta

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

How a Trip to the Airport Led to a $69.99 Train Set Sale on eBay!


Did I really just sell a train set for $69.99?!  You bet I did!  I find it hard to believe myself and I had to look at my eBay app several times to confirm this past Sunday that someone did in fact purchase the item.

But there it was staring me right in the face:  this Christmas train set, sold for $69.99!!

Santa Express

An item that I bought for $6.99 at Goodwill – practically hidden in a pile of Christmas ornaments that they’re trying to get rid off – just sold for that price.

It’s funny because I would’ve never known about this niche (and I would’ve most certainly passed this item without a second glance) had it not been for a trip to the airport to pickup my sister and her family.

I was helping them bring their luggage inside the house when I noticed a miniature Christmas village in their living room.  Prior to that, I had never seen a Christmas village this elaborate before.

Sure, I’ve seen randomly placed train sets and wood cabins sprinkled around a house before, but never organized into a town and with this much thought behind it.

It was pretty cool!

My brother-in-law told me that his family had been collecting Christmas-themed houses, train sets, and ornaments for years, and that some of these items are worth some pretty good money on eBay.

Naturally my interest piqued a little when he said that.  I did some research when I got home and I had no idea just how serious this niche was.

Check out some of the sets I found online:




So I decided to check out the Christmas section at my local Goodwill the following day and that’s when I noticed this piece.  It was a Santa Express train set and after a bit of research I discovered that it was selling for $100+ brand new!

Here’s the train set in action:

Pretty cool, right?!

I came away from this experience with two lessons:

1) Christmas villages are awesome!  I would love to eventually have something like that in my house during the holidays.

2)  There must be a ton of eBay niches that I have yet to discover.  To me,  this is exciting and I can’t wait to uncover and share with you even more profitable thrift store  items that you can resell on eBay!

One of these days I’m going to start my own Christmas village.  I actually considered making this my first piece but I just couldn’t after I saw how much it was selling for.

Maybe next time :)

I hope you’re having a great week and be sure to check out the Christmas aisle at your thrift store!



Sports Teams You Should Be Selling on eBay [Update]


Happy Tuesday resellers!

I had an absolutely awesome weekend of sales and Monday was packed with multiple visits to the post office.  I actually had to wait in line this time because of several items that I sold on Amazon – an experience that only reaffirms my belief in using Flat-Rate boxes and envelopes so I can just drop them off without waiting in line.

Hopefully you had an action-packed weekend of sales also and, if you didn’t, there’s still time to turn things around.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been shocked/excited at the quality of items that I’ve been finding at the thrift stores.

Quality – and I mean QUALITY – items left and right:  clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances, toys, etc.. it’s been pretty amazing!  I’m hoping this trend continues for at least a few more weeks and I’m confident it will as people continue to make room for the new Christmas toys and gadgets that they’ve received.

So keep visiting the thrift stores!

How ‘Bout them Cowboys

CowboysI’m looking forward to sharing some of my latest eBay sales but today I wanted to provide an update on a previous post I wrote about the Dallas Cowboys and other teams that you should be selling on eBay.

I’ve received some funny comments from some passionate sports fans and it was definitely one of my favorite recent post that I’ve written in a while.  Gotta love sports-fans!

The NFL playoffs are in full swing and college football is on the verge of making history with their first College Football Championship so there’s definitely some buzz in the air.

For the NFL, here are the teams that are still in the playoffs:

  • Baltimore Ravens
  • New England Patriots
  • Carolina Panthers
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Denver Broncos

For college, the two teams left standing are:

  • Oregon Ducks
  • THE Ohio State Buckeyes


If you have any fan-gear of these teams, now is the time to sell, sell, sell on eBay!

Excitement and optimism is high right now but that could change in an instant for all of these teams.

For example, I’m not sure I would’ve been able to sell this Florida State hoodie for $39.99 after they were blown out 59-20 by Oregon on New Year’s day.


My guess is that I would’ve had to settle for half of that if I were to sell it now.

So these items are definitely time-sensitive and the sooner you list them the better.  Absolutely use Buy-it-Now auctions and don’t be afraid to price a little more aggressively than usual.

Best of luck with your sales this week and good luck if your team is playing this weekend!



One Last Look at 2014

Happy New Year Resellers!

I don’t know if it’s the optimist in me or not, but I really believe that GREAT things are in store for 2015!  Huge, amazing things for all of us and I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go full-steam ahead.

As I write this, I’ve already made three sales this year and I know that’s just the start!

I’ve already started the process of making 2015 my best year ever but, before I get lost in the work, I thought I’d share one final Finds of the Week post and celebrate 2014 one last time before I (officially) turn the page.

My mindset for the last few weeks of the year was “Finish Strong” and I think I definitely accomplished that.  I was borderline obsessed with visiting thrift stores and listing on eBay, and I probably listed items with starting prices that we’re way too low.

But who cares right??

Sales were made and I couldn’t be more happy with my end of year results.  So here’s to 2014:  Thanks for the lessons learned and the successes we achieved.

Oh, and just in case I forgot to mention it- 2015’s gonna be amazing!!


Finds of the Week

Nike Running Shoes

(Just in time for New Year’s Fitness Resolution)

Nike  purple

Item cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $36.01

Levi’s Denim Jacket


Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $38.00

TUK Buckle Boots


Item Cost:  $12.99

Winning Bid:  $61.00

Vintage Williams Memphis Grizzlies Jersey


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $102.08

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It’s Still 2014 – Finish Strong With This Great Item


Can you believe that today is the last Saturday of 2014?!

I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw it on the calendar yet here we are, on the verge of turning the page on 2014 and ready to tackle all the challenges and opportunities of 2015!

I’m definitely ready for the new year but not before I really buckle down and finish 2014 on a high note.  There’s still a few days left in this amazing year and I don’t know about you but I’m not okay with just resting on my laurels and simply waiting for the new year to arrive

I’m going to finish this year the same way I started – listing more items and increasing my brand knowledge!

I hope you have the same mindset because there’s still some good money to be made, even though Christmas has officially passed.  In fact, eBay buyers were busy as ever on Christmas Day and I actually received multiple bids and several buy-it-now offers (unsolicited, of course) throughout the day.

This made it difficult to stick to my “unplugged” pledge during this Christmas Day but when buyers are offering you $50 for a jacket and $100+ for a jersey, it’s hard not to pay attention.

I’ll be sure to include these items on my next Finds of the Week post but today I wanted to help you end the year on a high-note by sharing with you one of my favorite items to sell on eBay.  Not only is this one of my favorite brands, but this item is also one of the EASIEST items you will ever sell.

The item?!


This is a Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Strap Hat.  I was going to add this to my FREE 2-Week Mini-Course (I’m currently working on expanding this course to include even more great items) but I thought I’d just share it with you now so you can start profiting from them immediately.

I absolute LOVE this brand and I talk about it extensively in My Reseller Guide.  This brand makes so many great items and I’ve literally made thousands of dollars just from this brand alone.

“Hey, I Remember Those”

This was my first reaction when I saw these at the thrift store.  By the way, when you get to my age, this reaction is a good indication that you should probably take a closer look at a thrift store item. Nostalgia is a good purchase motivator.

I’m not sure if they make these hats anymore but they were a big deal during my high school days (not sure why really but then again I can say the same thing for a lot of trends out there).

On the surface, there’s not really much to this hat – it’s pretty straightforward and it’s easy for resellers to walk past them because they’re so “vanilla”.  But don’t let that fool you, these items could be one of the quickest $40-$50 that you can make

I recently sold this hat for the “Goldilock Price” of $39.99:


As many of you know, I have an affinity for this price point (it converts like crazy) but this hat has the potential to sell for even more than that.

Check out these sales:

Leather Strap

Leather Strap 2

How to Spot These Items

Another great thing about this item is that they’re pretty easy to find them once you start making a conscious effort to find them.

Simply go to the hat section of your local thrift store and look for the Polo Ralph Lauren logo.  I’m sure you’ve probably seen it by now but here it is again just in case you haven’t:

Polo logo

One you see this logo on a hat, the next (and most important step) is to look for the adjustable leather strap on the back.

This really is the most important feature of this item. Because, while you may find the Polo Ralph Lauren logo on a hat, it won’t necessarily sell well unless it has this leather strap feature.

That’s it!  Pretty simple right?!  Absolutely, but it’s a really powerful item and it can definitely boost your bottom line.  They’re also available in a variety of colors so be mindful of that.

Finish Strong

This year isn’t finished yet and there’s still a few days left to reach your sales goals, so make the most of them.  Keep listing, continue visiting thrift stores, and never stop learning.

I hope you had a great Christmas with your loved ones and hopefully this item that I just shared will help you in these last few days of 2014 and beyond!

Take care and I’ll talk to you soon,


The Dallas Cowboys and Other Teams You Should Be Selling RIGHT NOW!


The NFL regular season is coming to a close and it’s definitely been an exciting one.  A ton of great plays, exciting new players, and definitely a lot of intrigue as we make our way into the playoffs.

As I write this, only the Arizona Cardinals have punched their ticket into the NFL playoffs but there should be several teams joining their ranks after the dust settles during these weeks games.

But this isn’t a post about playoff seeding or who’s team is better, you can go to ESPN for that.  Although I will say one thing…GO PACKERS!!

No, this post is about how eBay sellers (that’s you and me) can take advantage of this special time of the year where fan frenzy is at an all-time high and so is their willingness to open their wallets in support of their favorite teams!

“Just Win, Baby”

This quote by the late Al Davis, former owner of the Oakland Raiders, sums up my selling strategy for this time of year.  Basically, who’s winning right now.

Pretty simple, right?!

Now, in the beginning of the year, it’s a different story.  Everybody starts the season 0-0 (undefeated) so naturally there’s a lot of excitement and optimism.  In the beginning, EVERY team is worth selling on eBay.

That changes as the season progresses, however, and week after week after week of losing can dampen the spirits of even the most die-hard fan and you can see the sales of these teams run dry.

So stick with the winners and here’s a good list of teams to focus on down the home stretch:

  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • Denver Broncos
  • New England Patriots
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Detroit Lions
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

The Dallas Cowboys gear have been a great seller for me over the past few weeks.  For starters, their merchandise generally sells well on eBay  (they are “America’s Team” after all) plus they’re playing really well right now so you there’s a ton of excitement for this team.

Here’s some recent Dallas Cowboys sales:

Sold for $39.99


Sold for $59.99


Even Denver Broncos fans are starting to get in on the action.  This vintage sweater still had the tags attached so I had a feeling it would sell for a good price!

Sold for $59.99


College football is also generating a lot of buzz this year, so it’s also worth keeping an eye on several NCAA teams during the holiday season.

After years of debate, college football finally decided  to convert to a playoff format to decide a national champion.  This is the very first year so there’s going to be a lot eyes on the following four teams as they play for the championship on New Year’s Day:

  • Alabama Crimson Tide
  • Oregon Ducks
  • Ohio State Buckeyes
  • Florida State Seminoles

Here’s a Florida St. hoodie that I recently sold for $39.99:


Football Fan Not Required

If you’re already a fan, great.  But if you’re not, that’s fine also  and it doesn’t mean that you can’t get in on some of the action on eBay.

There’s already a ton of sales being made and it’s only the beginning.  As the playoffs get closer and closer, you’ll start to notice that sales become easier and easier to make for these select teams.

So it’s not too late.  If you see these teams at your local thrift store, snatch them up.  In fact, get as much as you possibly can!

Then simply sit back and let the fans do the rest!

Good luck at the thrift stores and GO PACKERS!!


“It’s Not What It Looks Like”


I just finished another thrift run at one of my favorite Goodwill’s the other day when I had a funny and somewhat disturbing thought.

I’ve been going to this Goodwill for years, basically ever since I started thrift store reselling.  This store has been an absolute goldmine for me  but , unfortunately, it’s also right next door to an adult-themed novelty store; yes, one of “those” stores!  They’re in the same building and they share the same parking lot.

The fact that they’re right next to each other isn’t the story here; after all, the adult store has been opened for several years now.

However, only during this recent visit did I realize just how “strange” and “compromising” this may look to other people who see me walking around the parking lot 4-5x a week.

You see, Goodwill (well, this particular store anyway) doesn’t have branded shopping bags so you’re purchases are placed in an unmarked plastic bag and there’s no way for other people to tell that you’ve actually shopped at Goodwill.

So on this visit I was parked right in front of the adult-store and here I come with bags and bags full of “stuff” and I can imagine just how this looks to someone who didn’t see me walk out of Goodwill.  (“Look at this pervert.”  lol)

This is what the area looks like:

Shopping complex

And it’s not as if this shopping center is hidden in a discreet location where nobody would see me.  No, this shopping complex is right along one of the busiest stretch of highways in O’ahu.  During rush hour traffic, it’s possible that my family, friends, and my grade-school teachers can all potentially see me in this compromising position.

(I actually have a good friend who works at a car dealership across the street but thankfully he knows that I shop at Goodwill so I don’t have to worry about him lol)

Sorry, this really has nothing to do with how to improve your sales on eBay but I thought it was pretty funny now that I think about it.  I’ll just chalk it up as another one of those things that we resellers have to deal with :)

I hope you’re having a great week so far and good luck at the thrift stores!


Finds of the Week

 Nike Infact LeBron James

Lebron purple

Item Cost:  $2.99

Winning Bid:  $27.99

Barney’s Suede Coat


Item Cost:  $12.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Nike Water-Resistant Track Suit


Item Cost:  $8.99

( I was lucky to get the whole set for this price, usually they price the jacket and pants separately.)

Winning Bid:  $89.99

Back to School

…textbooks.  I’m going back to selling school textbooks.

No way I’m going back to school.  That ship has long sailed past.

It’s funny because, when I first started this business, selling high school and college textbooks were a major part of my business.  I’ve always recommended that first-time resellers start with what they know, and when I was a rookie myself that’s exactly what I did.

I was in college at the time so I knew firsthand just how ridiculously expensive (but also necessary) these items were.  So when I began seeing some of the same textbooks at Goodwill that I saw at the campus bookstore, I knew that there was some good money to be  made.

In my peak, I was selling multiple books for $50, $60, and even $100+ really quickly (like same-day quick) and you only need to look at the skyrocketing price of higher education to see why reselling these thrift store items online is such a profitable business model.

Here’s a great example:

This book cost $148.31 to purchase brand new and this is just one book!  Some classes require 2-3 textbooks and it’s common for college students to take 4-5 classes a semester.  So do the math and you can begin to understand why students flock to the internet as oppose to their bookstore.

Heck, they’re charging a ridiculous $107.07 just to rent the book..crazy!

As a student, when you’re faced with the choice of buying a brand-new textbook for $140 or buying the same book used for $70, it really is a no-brainer.

Class is Back in Session

This past year was dedicated to expanding my clothing and shoe knowledge, and unfortunately my book sales took a backseat.  It wasn’t a total lost, however; my brand vocabularly exploded this year and I’m selling much better items on eBay.

But I did miss perusing through this section at the thrift store so recently I made a decision to re-commit to reselling textbooks and it’s already paying off.

I found the following books at Goodwill for only $2.99:

Addressing Cultural Complexities in Practice

Sold for $25.07


Fitness:  Theory and Practice

Sold for $71.06



Marketing Management

Sold for $78.03

You also don’t need a $500 book scanner either.  (Check out my Reseller Guide to discover my quick and simple process to finding these valuable items).

If you haven’t tried before, now is a great time to start reselling college textbooks online. It’s Finals Week in campuses all over the US and once classes are done and the semester wraps up you should see an increase in donations at your local thrift stores.

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Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program


Hey everyone, it’s Meinard again and I’m back (finally) with some good to news to write about after – what seemed like – a LONG week of less-than-ideal holiday buyers.

Thanks for letting me rant about that and I generally don’t like to write or give attention to negative stuff like that but sometimes it just feels good to get it out, you know?

Mission accomplished and I’m definitely glad to move to something better to talk about like some holiday sales!

Bids have been ramping up lately and hopefully you guys are getting similar results.  And with the slew of great eBay seller promos that they keep offering (seriously, why did I open an eBay store again?), now is a great time to list any and everything  you’ve got.

Keep your visits up, keep you eBay store stocked, and let’s ride this holiday rush all the way to the end!

Talk to you soon and have an awesome day :)


 Finds of the Week

Adidas Kobe Bryant Jersey


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $27.99

Polo Ralph Lauren Rugby Shirt


Item Cost:  $5.99

Winning Bid:  $33.99

Brooks Running Shoes


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $39.99

Check out my FREE 2-Week Mini-Course to learn about this great brand.  These boots are RIDICULOUSLY  easy to sell!!


Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $69.99


This Buyer Left eBay Because of Me…and I Don’t Care


Or maybe I should?  I’ll let you  decide, here’s the story:

About a week ago I shared this nice sale on one of my Finds of the Week post:

This is a pair of Nike Air Jordan XII “Taxi” and I was able to sell it for $49.99. This particular model was made in 1996 and it’s extremely valuable because of it’s age and because it was the original release (this model has been re-release several times over the years but collector’s are always looking for the original model).

Nice find at Salvation Army for sure but it was definitely showing it’s age.  A part of the shoe was chipped near the center and there was separation in the midsole.  Despite these flaws, they were still able to sell for a decent price because…well, they’re Jordan’s and sneakerheads have endless supply of cash I suppose.

Now, as some of you may have read in my How to Protect Your Auction post, I like to be as thorough as possible with my description – I think it’s one of the best ways to protect yourself should a dispute arise.  And with the age and obvious flaws in this pair, you can be sure that I mentioned them my description and I provided some accompanying pictures.

Here’s the pics:

So you would think that the buyer would have a good understanding of what she was buying, right?  Wrong!

I get an eBay message from the buyer a few days later and here’s what she wrote:

“I recently bought some Jordan shoes from you and I got them in the mail yesterday.  I wore the shoes one time and the bottom of the shoe came off.  I am VERY unhappy and I would like my money back.”

To which I replied:

“I’m sorry to hear that.  Did you glue them first or did you just wear them”

I was sincerely curious but part of the reason why I asked this question was so that I could (hopefully) get it in writing that she did not read my warnings in the description about the separation in the midsoles.

Not only did my strategy work, but I was also shocked to find out that she didn’t even know that something was wrong with the midsole in the first place !

“I just wore them.  I didn’t know I need to glue them!”

“It says on the description that there was separationn on the midsoles and that you need  to glue them back together.  Did you not read that part.”

“No I didn’t see that.”

She flat out admitted that she didn’t read the description or look at the pictures.

Regardless, being the good and ever customer-service focused eBay sellers that we are, I still offered to provide her with a refund but I needed to receive the shoes back and I wasn’t going to reimburse her the cost of return shipping.  Why should I pay for her mistake, right?!

At this point, she just practically gave up and wrote:

“…I’ll just trash the shoes because it’s too much of a hassle to send them back and wait until you get them.  It’s just all too much.  This is my first and last time on eBay.  I’m just super unhappy.”

I didn’t respond to her after that.

The Assumption of Rationale Buyers

And this is a rather HUGE assumption!

Because one would assume that if you were going to give your hard earned cash to someone you’ve never met, who’s potentially hundreds of miles away, for an item that you have never touched or tried on before…that you would (at the very least) read the description and look at the pictures.  Right?! I know I sure as heck would!

Yet, these type of buyers are ALL over eBay and I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of them as well.

So do I feel bad that this buyer is leaving eBay?

To a point.  I mean, I feel bad that there’s one less buyer for you and me.  But that’s it, that’s the extent of it.

Ebay is a marketplace where buyers and sellers come together and that means we all have to meet in the middle for this process to work.  I feel like I did everything in my part and, at the end of the day, that’s all I can do.  It’s up to the buyer to meet us the other half of the way.

Merrier Times Ahead

It’s been a rough start to the holiday season with some buyers but hopefully cheerier times are ahead.  Sales have been trending upwards and I’ve been focusing on keeping my activities up in preparation for the final holiday push.

This is my hopefully my last post about a bad buyer in a while and my goal for the rest of the year is to post nothing but tips and great sales – fingers crossed anyway lol

Talk to you soon and I hope your crushing it with your eBay sales!