My April 2012 Monthly Income Report

My April 2012  Monthly Income Report

Every month I write a report about the income I make from reselling thrift store items on Ebay.

In each report, I’ll include the amount of money I’ve made on online and as well as share with you any important lessons that I’ve learned during that month. I do this to motivate motivate myself and hopefully inspire you to take action and earn some extra cash reselling thrift store items.

As always, I don’t consider myself an “expert” and I will never claim that thrift store reselling will solve all your financial problems.

However, through my own experiences, experiments, and case studies, I hope to show you how you can turn your local thrift store into an additional source of income!

I hope you enjoy this month’s report!

The Quest for $4,000 continues

In my March 2012 Income Report, I shared with you that I wanted to reach a goal of making $4,000.00 a month reselling thrift store items.  There were several reason why I challenged myself.  First, the money of course.  Second,  I’ve been reading several books regarding the importance of setting goals and I wanted to see for myself how powerful it can be.   Lastly, I just love a good challenge, don’t you?!

Before this challenge, I was content to just meander along and I was happy just knowing that I was making a profit, regardless of the amount.  But now that I have this $4,000 challenge I have a goal to strive for.

I fell short of this goal in March but I attacked the month of April with the same intensity.  I continued to frequently visit the thrift stores and list and list and list some more on eBay.

I also continued to expand my product knowledge and I branched out into different brands and clothing types.  I’ve been having a lot of success recently with women’s jeans and shoes.  I’m currently working on creating a guide for these items so be on the lookout for that in the near future.

Long story short:  I’ve been busy!

Here’s some of the best thrift store items from the month of April:

SAS Shoes size 8.5

Winning Bid:  $51.00

Under Armour Hoodie size Large

Winning Bid:  $29.01

Polo Ralph Lauren Tank Top size Large

Winning Bid:  $31.00

Vibram FiveFinger Shoes size W35

Winning Bid:  $34.99

Robert Graham Shirt size 4XL

Winning Bid:  $59.99

My April 2012 Income Report

Before I go any further, please note that I have two (2) Ebay Seller accounts.  Ebay allows each seller to have 50 free auction listings per month.  Therefore, by having two seller accounts, I now have 100 free auction listings per month.

Also, the graph and sales numbers that I share with you come directly from Ebay.  They are copy and pasted from the sales report that I receive each month.

*The sales amount is based on the final sale prices of the items when they ended.  Shipping and handling cost are NOT included in these prices.

Account #1:

Account #2:

April Combined Sales:  $3,709.00

Time to Recharge The Batteries

The months of March and April have been the two best consecutive months of reselling thrift store items that I’ve ever had.  I have yet to reach my goal of $4,000 in monthly sales but I’m more than happy with the sales numbers that I produced.

But it took a lot of work and visiting thrift stores to reach these goals, and it’s definitely time to take a little break from the insane pace that I was on.  I’m still listing on eBay and I’m still visiting thrift stores but nowhere near the level that I was on for the past few months. In the meantime, I have some unsold items and inventory from past thrift store visits to keep me busy during my thrift store break.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve been having a lot of success recently with women’s jeans and shoes – which some of you have noticed – and I’m currently working on a guide to these items.  I’ll definitely keep you posted on that.

It’s funny:  all this time I’ve been focusing on the men’s stuff when the real money in women’s clothing and accessories.  In fact, the majority of my time in a thrift store is spent in the women’s department and I can’t help but notice some of the confused looks I’ve been getting from other customers haha!

Thanks for the support and good luck at the thrift stores.  If you’re on Twitter, you can follow me @thrift_reseller for more great thrift store items you can resell on eBay!



6 thoughts on “My April 2012 Monthly Income Report”

  1. How do you manage 2 ebay accounts are both accounts same info and same paypal? also how many days do you auction your listings? 3days 5days 7days?. thanks.

    1. Hi, my auction lengths are usually 5-7 days. Both ebay accounts have the same info but one of my accounts is not linked to my paypal account. Actually, having two ebay accounts is something I may have to stop doing because I received a notice recently from ebay stating that they placed a seller limit on my account. I’m guessing it’s because I’m selling on two different account.

  2. It’s funny that you have more success in womens- a lot of my best sales have been in men’s! I feel like menswear is a lot more consistent with what sells and for how much.
    But my best sale lately was a Juicy tankini NWT. I bought it at $15.00 and sold at $61.00!

    1. Yeah, I can’t help but laugh sometimes at the success I’ve been having with women’s items. In the beginning, I was all about Nike’s and Air Jordan’s (and I still am) but I catch myself every now and then while I’m listing a pair of women’s Big Star Jeans or Gucci Wedges and think to myself, “Wow, you’ve come a long way!”.

      And congrats on your sale, I love the profit you made!

  3. I just read about the selling limit warning you have reached. I have heard this from countless eBayers recently. Even people selling for more than 10 years. This limit is normal now. eBay has been doing this to alot of sellers. They will tell you it is to protect other sellers, which really made no sense to me. I have to call in every month and get a selling limit increase. My limit is up to 500 items now. They will double it every month. Just call and have them increase it. They will look at your feedback and shipping and percentage sales to determine the limit increase.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up, that makes me feel a lot better. I’m actually in no danger of hitting the selling limits that eBay imposed so I’m not too concerned at this point. But I’m glad to hear that I can still increase it if I need to.

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