Got A Negative Feedback But Still A Great Week!

    Yes, unfortunately I received a negative feedback from a buyer this week.  To be honest, if the negative feedback was the result of a mistake that I made then I would have absolutely no problem with it.  I’m man enough to say that it was my fault and accept the consequences.

    But the frustrating thing is that many of the negative feedbacks I receive are a result of buyers not fulfilling their end of the bargain; as a seller it’s my job to describe the item as best as possible and it’s the buyers responsibility to look read and look at the ENTIRE description.

    This was the item that I received a negative feedback for:


    According to the buyer (who’s a newbie with 4 feedbacks) , “They look a lot better on the picture than they do in person!”

    All my pictures are un-altered and I don’t use any special lighting of any kind, just natural sunlight.  Plus, I specifically said that there are scuffs and creases from use and I included nine (9) pictures of every angle of the shoes.  And still I get a negative feedback.  Very frustrating!

    After I calmed down a bit (it’s hard not to take these negative feedbacks a little personally) I replied to her feedback so that other buyers can see my side of the story when they look at my feedback history.  By the way,  I highly recommend doing this also so that potential buyers can hear from both sides and it’s not so one-sided (click here to learn how to respond to feedback you received).

    I also sent her a message stating that I was sorry that she was upset about the item and I reminded her that she still has the option of returning the shoes for a full refund.  I never received a reply.  Which makes me wonder, “How bad could it have been if you chose to still keep it?”

    I also called customer-service as a last ditch effort to get the feedback removed but no luck.  I was able to successfully remove 2 negative feedbacks in the past but that streak is over.  So for now, I have this ugly blemish on my feedback history that just sticks out like a sore thumb.  Thankfully, someone just left a positive feedback so it’s been pushed down the list and it’s not at the very top.

    But you know what?  Who cares!

    Negative feedback aside, I’ve been having a great week in sales so far and I can’t wait to share these items!

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    Until next time, thanks again for your support and good luck at the thrift stores!


    Finds of the Week

    Nike Air Force


    Item cost:  $6.99

    Buy-It-Now (BIN):  $49.99

    Vintage Notre Dame Hoodie


    Item Cost:  $8.99

    BIN:  $34.99

    [Check out the FREE 2-Week Mini-Course

    to Learn More About These Pair of Boots]


    Item Cost:  $6.99

    Winning Bid:  $58.00

    Lucchese Cowboy Boots


    Item Cost:  $9.99

    Winning Bid:  $102.50

    After Promo Belcher photo f89c1799-e54d-4f71-bbfd-a2dfdd4e2b4a.jpg

4 thoughts on “Got A Negative Feedback But Still A Great Week!”

  1. Haha I sold a handkerchief this week. Got a neutral feedback that I did not wrap it in tissue paper and she cut it while opening. It was at the bottom of the package….and I’m guessing she must have had to rip into the package like a maniac to cut it. After being irritated i got a really good laugh. She also is a newbie. Tissue paper? I really wanted to (but didnt) send her a message with a reminder we are ebay not nordstroms lol. We can be unfair feedback buddies his week :)

    1. Hi unfair feedback buddy lol! It’s so funny that you mention your incident because I had a similar one a few weeks ago. A buyer wanted to return a shirt I sent because he was disappointed in the lack of wrapping paper used. So not only did he return it but he also wanted to show me how I “should” be wrapping all the shirts I mail out. It was completely wrapped in this nice tissue paper and it was even tied together (almost like gift-wrapped) with a nice bow.

      I gotta admit, it was nicely wrapped and I would love to be able to do that but like you said: We are not Nordstrom!

      Thanks for sharing, your story really put a smile on my face :)


  2. luckily I got a positive feedback but a negative comment. I missed something small and innocent.. what I don’t like is they didn’t even contact me first. I too took it a bit personal.. I wrote to offer to pay to return them or refund some money.. no response… that urrkk me.. group hug laugh

    1. Group hug lol!

      I agree completely. We all make mistakes and I’m not against admitting it. However, I would love it if they at least try to contact us first with any issues before leaving any negative or neutral feedback. Maybe in a perfect eBay world that would be the case but until then we’ll just have to deal I guess.

      Hope your auctions are doing well Jnet!


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