GO LAKERS!!!…Oh Yeah, and My Finds of the Week!

KobeHey, what’s up  everyone – I hope you’re doing amazing today!

Usually I’m super excited to share my latest thrift store finds turned eBay sales, but today those items will take a backseat (for me anyway) as one of my most anticipated days has finally arrived:  the NBA Draft Lottery!!

The Lakers had a miserable season – I felt like my eyes we’re going to bleed from watching some of those blowout games – but hopefully those months of torment will all be worth it after tonight.

This draft class is one of the most talented in a while so if the Lakers can somehow manage to get a top 3 pick (heck, why not get the 1st overall while we’re at it) then that would be a HUGE help to get Kobe his next championship.

So good luck to Laker Nation tonight!

Oh yeah, and here are my latest finds haha

I hope you have a great day and good luck at the thrift stores!


Finds of the Week

Patagonia Sweater

I really like the print on this sweater!


Item cost: $4.99

Winning Bid: $28.49

A Rare Gap Sale


Item cost:  $6.99

Buy-it-Now:  $34.99

Brooks Walking Shoe


Item Cost:  $7.99

Winning Bid:  42.00

The Kobe photo courtesy of theshopblog.net

5 thoughts on “GO LAKERS!!!…Oh Yeah, and My Finds of the Week!”

  1. I recently bought your book and have started my quest, I’ve found some items, but i haven’t bought anything just yet due to tight budget. The women’s section seems bigger than the mens…My question was, How do you handle shopping in the womans section? Do you have someone else doing it for you?

    1. Hi, thank you so much for your support and I’m excited for you as you start your thrift store quest! I search for and buy all of my items personally, and that includes the women’s section. You may get the occasional “weird” look for shopping in the women’s section but nothing more than that. I know you haven’t bought anything yet, but have you found anything good so far?

  2. I’m still getting familiar with the brands. I’ve visited several Thrift Stores in the area in order to create my “Treasure Map.” I guess I’m going to have to man up and go for it. Finding dresses like BCBG really motivates me to do so. On average, how long should I Spend at the thrift store? I Only have 2 big stores in the area?

    1. Yeah, just man up and go for it – it’s really no big deal. Most of the people there won’t really care that you’re shopping in the woman’s section, they’re just gonna be busy doing their own thing anyway.

      As for a time limit, I would suggest taking it slow at first. It can be overwhelming to try and search the entire thrift store, especially when you’re just starting. I recommend setting a time limit of 30 minutes and sticking to one section at a time – preferably a section that you’re comfortable with. In my case, I started off just visiting only the shoes section because I’ve always been a fan of sneakers. When I got comfortable with that, then I would expand into other areas of the thrift store.

      What big stores do you have in your area?

  3. Salvation Army, and Goodwill. Now that summers coming up I might make trips to another close by city to visit those thrift stores too.

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