Buy-It-Now Success Stories

Hi everyone,

Christmas is right around the corner and I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!

For this post, I wanted to share two recent thrift store items that I sold on Ebay that had me really excited. Each item sold using the Buy-it-Now option (well, one of them really wasn’t a Buy-it-Now option but I’ll explain a little later) and both sold for over $120!

Really amazing and I feel so blessed to have found these two items!

Polo Ralph Lauren Jacket

Buy-It-Now Price:  $150.00

I didn’t actually set a Buy-It-Now price for this jacket but that’s just how it ended up.  Let me explain:  I wasn’t really sure how much this jacket was worth (I couldn’t find a similar item on Ebay) so I started the bidding at $9.99 and I was content to let the buyers decide the value of this item.  The auction lasted for 5-days and it ended up selling for $35.  That’s a pretty good sale; I mean, I did only buy it for $6.99 so I was fine with that.

So a couple days passed since the auction ended and the buyer still hasn’t paid.  I eventually opened a non-paying bidder strike and I had to relist the jacket. 

It was live for a couple of days and it seemed like it was going to end like the last auction when I received a message from an interested buyer.  He noticed that the item only sold for $35 the last time and he was willing to pay $150 to end the auction early.   I literally could NOT have replied any faster; I mean, talk about a no-brainer!  I ended the auction immediately and sent him the invoice!

I’ve never been so happy to have a non-paying bidder :)

Michell & Ness Green Bay Packers Jacket

Buy-It-Now Price:  $129.99

I found this item during a recent streak of bad luck at the thrift stores.  I wasn’t finding anything to resell (which happens every now and then) and then all of a sudden I see this jacket from across the thrift store. 

It was hanging on a rack next to a bunch of jackets and the first thing that caught my eye was the emblem on the left shoulder, which was a Green Bay Packers Championship patch.  The Packers are the only unbeaten team remaining in the NFL and that makes their team items very valuable right now.

I ran as fast as I could to make sure no one else got the jacket and this turned out to be one of those dream thrift store items:  It was a brand new item!

The NFL tag, the store tag, and even the price tag was still attached.  The retail price was $150 so I decided to set the Buy-It-Now price for $129.99 or Best-Offer.  I bought the jacket for only $6.99 so I was honestly ready to accept any offer over $60. 

Well, a few hours later I received a notice from Ebay saying that the jacket sold and the payment was received.  Bought and sold on the same day!!  What’s even more amazing is that the buyer didn’t even submit a best-offer, he just bought straight-up!

These two items really made my week and I hope you’re all finding even better thrift store items to resell on Ebay!

Thanks again for all your support.  Cheers and good luck at the thrift stores!



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