The Return of the “King”


Hey thrifters!  I hope you’re all doing well and kicking @$$ at the thrift stores and on eBay!

Today, I just wanted to share a quick tip that has been making me – and a lot of other sellers, for that matter – some serious cash lately and that’s the return of the self-proclaimed “King”, LeBron James, back to Cleveland to once again play for hometown team, the Cavaliers.

As many of you know, I’m a Laker guy and I’m not really a fan of Lebron.  However, I am a fan of making money, and there’s no doubt that he has some of the most passionate fans that will go to great lengths to show their support.

It’s funny because the same fans that are on eBay right now and making these high-ticket purchases that I’m going to show you are actually the same fans who were ridiculing him when he decided to leave four years ago to play with the Miami Heat.

There were scathing letters being written and jersey’s being burned during that time.  Now, I want to remind you that these jersey’s aren’t cheap and it goes to show just how upset his fans were.


Fast forward to 2014 and it seems that LeBron and his fans have let bygones be bygones and everything is copacetic again.  This guy even dug up a LeBron jersey he burned 4 years ago and started to wear it again.

burned worn

So What Does this Mean for Resellers?

Well, if Lebron items were good sellers before, they’re practically on fire right now!

The funny thing is that those fans who ended up donating their old LeBron shoes and Cavaliers jerseys to Goodwill, Savers, and Salvation Army when he left 4 years ago are probably kicking themselves in the butt right now because those same jerseys are worth some decent money on eBay right now.

If you come across any Lebron shoes and (especially) his old Cleveland Jerseys then I would HIGHLY recommend that you scoop them up right now.

Here’s some recent Lebron jersey auctions that ended on eBay, followed by some of my recent sales.  They’re all in used condition similar to what you would find at the thrift stores:



My Recent Lebron Sales

Youth Jersey


Winning Bid:  $65.00

 Nike Sneakers


Winning Bid:  $49.99

 Youth Sneakers

Pool Party

Winning Bid:  $39.99

Don’t forget to check out my Reseller Guide if you need help identifying Lebron’s sneakers at your local thrift stores.  These shoes are probably just waiting to be scooped up!

I actually found another pair of his sneakers and another youth jersey during my trip to Salvation Army yesterday so I can’t wait to get them listed.

Good luck and I hope you found a whole collection of Lebron gear during your next visit!


Who Else Wants This Trend to Continue??


Hey fellow thrifters – I hope you had a great and (hopefully) relaxing weekend!

I had a bunch of auctions ending last night and thankfully they attracted many responsible buyers who paid immediately.

And if they pay immediately, then I ship immediately;  see how awesome the system works when everyone does their part?!

Now why can’t it be like that EVERY single time?  But I digress…

What I really wanted to share today are two stories about one of my pet-peeves:  the unsolicited best-offer (UBO).

For those of you who don’t know or have never experienced it,  UBO’s are when buyers send you their “best-offer” on an item despite the fact that you didn’t include a “best-offer” option on the item.

It’s my belief that buyers, nowadays, automatically assume that they can place an offer on any item and that EVERY price is negotiable.

Now, I don’t technically mind the fact that buyers send me offers.  What I do mind, however, is that most of these UBO’s are, to put it bluntly, just plain terrible.  They are!

So terrible, in fact, that they’re borderline disrespectful.  I mean, why would I sell you a $64.99 for $9.99 shipped.  It’s never gonna happen - I don’t care if you are “Paypal Ready”.  So are a million other eBay users!

(By the way, I know many of you out there share my disdain for these low-ball offers, and if you’re looking for a firm yet gentle way to decline these offers I found that the following phrase works really well:  “No, but thanks for the offer”.  Many of them even counter with a more generous and appropriate offer after that message. )

So as you can tell, I haven’t had much success in this department.  So imagine my surprise when I had not one, but two generous UBO’s this past week.

I know, I was shocked.  It actually IS possible!

Like I said, I don’t mind receiving these offers and I’m not oppose to ending an auction early, but it has to be mutually-beneficial.

These two auctions were definitely a breath of fresh air and I don’t understand why more auctions can’t end this way – where both buyer and seller benefits.  Hopefully this is a trend that continues for all of us!

Until next time, I hope you have an amazing week and I hope your auctions are attracting high-quality buyers.



UBO’s Success Stories

Cavalli Leather Motorcycle Jacket


Original Price:  $160

UBO:  $100

Browning Jacket


Original Price:  $24.99 auction

UBO:  $70


“Rain or Shine”

Hi everyone, Meinard here.  I hope this post finds you (and your eBay sales) in good health!

Let me start by apologizing for the lack of updates recently on the blog.  I try to post sales, advice, and other general ramblings at least 2-3 times a week but it’s definitely been an interesting past few days here in the islands.

As some of you may know, we had to contend with not one but TWO hurricanes in the past week.  And even though my eBay sales were business as usual, it was hard to sit down and write with those two storm systems just beyond the horizon.

Luckily, Hawai’i survived relatively unscathed – although the Big Island suffered the brunt of Hurricane Iselle.  The second hurricane, Julio, ended up taking a more northerly track so the effects were very minimal.

We were definitely very lucky.

In fact, after we got the “all-clear” that the hurricanes were no longer a threat I  found myself with nothing to do all of a sudden.  So naturally I thought of going on a thrift run. Naturally.

But would they be open?!

I called Goodwill.  Nothing.  Salvation Army.  No luck.

Well if they’re closed then Savers would probably follow suite.  Or would they? I guess it doesn’t hurt to call.

So I dialed Savers and I was shocked to have someone answer on the other island.

Me:  “Hello, is this Savers?”

Employee:  “Yes it is, how can I help you?

Me:  “What are your hours today?”

Employee:  “We’re open from 9am-9pm”

Me:  “Even with the hurricane??”

Employee:  “Rain or shine”

Apparently the only reason they would close early is if the electricity dies out.  It didn’t so they had to work through a potential hurricane.  Not the safest of options but I’m glad everything worked out and they stayed open because I found some great stuff during that visit.  Plus, the winds and rain kept most people away so I had the entire store practically to myself!

Thank you to everyone who sent their well-wishes during the storm, it really meant a lot.

Still Searching for a Winner

For those who didn’t win my most recent giveaway, you may be happy to learn that the winner, Cheryl, has yet to reply back to claim her prize.

I’m going to reserve the shoes for her until Friday, August 15th so Cheryl, if you’re reading this, please contact me so I can send you the shoes.

If I don’t hear from her, I’m going to draw another name from the set of entries and pick another winner on Saturday morning.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this weeks Finds of the Week.

Until next time, please take care of yourself and good luck at the thrift stores!

Finds of the Week

Infant Nike Air Jordan’s

xiii bred infant

Item Cost:  $2.99

Winning Bid:  $17.18

Vintage Nike Kobe Bryant


Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $33.99

My “Pay My Phone Bill Brand”

This brand has consistently sold for at least $50-$60 so I’ve become accustomed to equating this brand with paying my phone bill.  This particular item was no exception and it actually sold in a few hours.  Check out my Reseller Guide to discover this amazing brand!

Phone bill

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Nike Zoom LeBron


Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Do I Love Selling Sneakers? Shoe-Betcha!!


Kinda corny, I know, but nevertheless 100% true!!  I love selling sneakers and hopefully I’ve done a good enough job to convince you that you should be doing the same.

In the beginning, I was primarily selling only Nike and Air Jordan’s and, to this day, these two are still my dominant brands in the footwear category.  And can you blame me?  These two are strong players in each of the major sports – football, basketball, and baseball – and with sales like the youth Air Jordan’s that I’m going to share with you later (isn’t that an AWESOME sale?!) why would I ever stop?

Nowadays, I sell a much more diverse lineup of brands and my sales have been rewarded as a result.  Asics, Adidas, Reebok, and Puma are all great sellers also and they have their own set of loyal buyers who scour eBay in search of a good deal- so don’t forget to research those brands as well.

I hope you’re having an amazing and productive week so far.  I know it’s only Wednesday but I hope you’re rewarded with some nice sales on eBay and/or some incredible thrift store finds to help you get set up for a nice weekend :)

Take care and I’ll talk to you soon!


Finds of the Week

Youth Air Jordan


Item Cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $39.99

Remember when I mentioned in my previous post that I was dealing with a non-paying bidder?  Well, it was for this pair.  Actually, I should be thanking that buyer because I was able to re-list this item with an even higher buy-it-now (BIN) price.  So thank you, non-paying bidder!

Vintage Nike Kobe Bryant

Nike Kobe Duke

Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $41.00

Asics Running Shoes

gel lite

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Vintage Air Jordan


Item Cost:  $14.99

Winning Bid:  $51.00

Youth Air Jordan

Bred xi youth

Item cost:  $19.99

Winning Bid:  $159.99

The price for these was a little higher than I would like to pay, but did that scare me off?  No fricken way!  Not for this pair!!  I would’ve went as high as paying $30 or even $40 for this model, in this condition because I know how valuable they are.

In this business, there’s no substitute for brand knowledge, so keep learning and keep it expanding and you’ll be continuously rewarded!


Wanna Know a Secret?! Auction-Listings Still Work…Sssshhh


I know they’re not the popular choice for buyers in this “I have to have it NOW!” era of instant-gratification, and I know those non-paying bidders can make it a pain for you and me sometimes, but there’s no denying the fact – in my experience anyways – that auction-listings are still a legit format to use on eBay.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching a bidding war take place and seeing one of your items jump $10, $20, and even $60 in those final seconds.

And when the system works – when the item ends and buyers pay like they’re suppose to – it always reminds me of why I began reselling in the first place!

This was a great week for auction-listings and I had great success in using them for my items.  Many of the buyers also paid immediately, even brands that are notorious for non-paying bidders such as Nike’s and Air Jordan’s.

I did have one non-paying bidder (actually, they have 1 day left to send their payment but their feedback history doesn’t leave me hopeful) but by and large the auctions were a huge success!

Hope you have an amazing weekend and I’ll talk to you soon!


Finds of the Week:  Auction Listings

Steve Madden Wedge Sneakers

Madden Wedge

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $24.99

Lacoste Sweater

Lacoste Sweater

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $26.99

Infant Air Jordan

Item Cost:  $2.99

Winning Bid:  $31.00

Vintage Youth Air Jordan


Item Cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $142.50!!!!

Just Another Manic Monday!

Happy Monday!

You won’t find too many people who will say that, but I definitely know a lot of eBay sellers – myself included – who are just ecstatic about the start of another week.


Well, the weekend just ended and while for a lot of people it means that the fun is over and it’s time to get to work, for sellers it usually means that the fun is just starting!

I had a bunch of auctions that ended on Sunday night and I was woken up this morning to the sound of cash registers (in other words, payments being received) going off on my phone.

And, trust me, I will NEVER get tired of waking up to that sound!

I hope you had just as great a weekend as I did.  It’s Monday, so that means I’ll be hitting up Savers for their 25% off and probably a few other stops along the way.

Have a great start of the week and good luck at the thrift stores!


Finds of the Week

 Kevin Durant NBA Jersey


Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $32.50

Michael Kors Denim Dress


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $34.88

Captain America Mask Hoodie

These mask hoodies are hot-sellers and they’re gonna be even more valuable the closer we get to Halloween.  Here are some of my best-selling mask hoodies.

Captain America

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $36.00

Nike Trainers


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $39.99

Nike Youth Lebron James

Pool Party

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $39.99

As you can see, I LOVE selling Nike shoes.  I mean, even youth sizes like this pair of Lebron’s can still earn you a nice profit.  Check out My Reseller Guide to discover my step-by-step technique to finding these treasures at your thrift stores!

Chicos Floral Jacket


Item Cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $42.00

And the Winner is…

ConfettiWell, another Thrift GiveAway is officially in the books!

A huge “THANK YOU” to everyone who participated and made it such a fun event.

I especially had a great time reading the answers on the comments section.  The question that I posed on the comment board (“If you could change one thing about eBay, what would it be and why?) was an open-ended question but the answers seem to focused on several topics including the new defect rating system, Cassini, negative feedback,  non-paying bidders, and more seller support.

These are all things that I’ve pondered and dealt with at one point or another – and I’m sure that thousands of other sellers have, as well – so, if we’re not able to change them, I guess I can take solace in the fact that you and I are trying to manage them together.

So, again, thank you to everyone who participated!

And, without further ado, I’m happy to announce that the winner of Thrift GiveAway #2 and this free pair of Nike Air Jordan’s XIV’s is…

GiveAway#22Entry #23, Cheryl!!

Congrats Cheryl, and it’s fitting that Rafflecopter (the giveaway program that I use) selected entry #23 as the winner since that was Michael Jordan’s number.  Funny how things work out!

Congrats again Cheryl!  You should’ve received a notification email stating that you were the winner, please reply back with your mailing address at  so I can ship your prize, thanks!

On to the Next One

I’ll be giving away more great prizes in the future so don’t worry if you missed out on this one – another giveaway will be happening REALLY soon!

Until then, be safe and have a great weekend!



Thrift GiveAway #2!!


Happy Saturday and welcome to Thrift GiveAway #2!!

I am simply thrilled and blown-away by all the great people that I’ve met and all the support that I’ve received over the years, so these giveaway’s – and I plan to do these on a regular basis – are just my way of “THANK YOU”!

I really could not have done any of this without your support and encouragement along the way!

What Are You Giving Away

I remember driving to Savers one morning and thinking to myself that it’s about time that I do another giveaway.

As soon as I entered the store, this item literally caught my attention from across the store and I just knew that it was going to be the next prize!

This is a pair of Air Jordan 14 XIV Desert Pink size 4Y!





The 14′s are one of the most popular versions of Air Jordan’s and pink is always a highly-sought after color.

And don’t let the youth size fool you, these aren’t just for kids.  Female sneakerheads constantly scouring the kids sizes on eBay because 1) they can still fit them (a size 4Y is equal to a size 5.5 in women’s) and 2) they’re usually a little cheaper compared to actual women’s sizes.

Because of this, youth sizes actually have a very large market and they still command top value on eBay.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these recent auctions.  These Jordan’s are the same one’s that I’ll be giving away and they’re in the same, used condition.

Desert Pink Auctions

I can’t guarantee that you’ll have the exact same results but if they can do it, why can’t you??

Is it FREE to Enter?

It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE to enter and you don’t have to spend a single dime!  I’ll even pay for the postage to mail the shoes (US only, no International shipping)!

To enter, please scroll down to locate the entry form on the bottom of this post.  Simply sign in with your Facebook account or email address and complete one or all of the following (further instructions found on the Giveaway Form found on the bottom of this post):

  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Retweet a Message
  • Answer the question by leaving a comment on this blog post.
  • Sign-up for my FREE 2-Week Mini-Course

Each one counts as one (1) entry so the more you do, the higher you chances of winning.

That’s it, and you will automatically be entered to win!  A random winner will be selected at the end of the GiveAway and the shoes will be shipped as soon as the winner’s shipping address is confirmed.

(Note:  I will be contacting the winner via email to confirm shipping address, so please use an email address that you frequently check.  If I can’t confirm a shipping address or if the original winner isn’t responding to emails, another winner will be selected.)

Thank you again for all your support and good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Notice Anything Different? Plus, Thrift GiveAway #2 Update!!


I hope you’re having an amazing week so far!

It’s only Thursday but I feel like I’ve accomplished so much already because, after years of thinking about it and putting it off, I finally updated the look and feel of the blog!

This was definitely a long time coming.

I’ve been using the previous theme ever since the beginning and, although there was nothing technically wrong with it, I just got tired of looking at the same thing every single time.

Seriously, if I do nothing else this week I would still consider this to be a successful week because of the update - I’ve been putting it off for THAT long!

To be honest, I was a little scared to switch to a new theme because I’ve never done it before; I mean, what if I accidentally erase all my content for some reason or something?

But I’m so glad I did because I couldn’t be more happy with the new layout.  I think it’s more  modern than the previous theme and it just easier to look at.  Plus, as some of you have already mentioned to me, the content translates much better on your smartphone and it’s easier to navigate.  Win-win!

Oh, and I also changed my picture because I’ve been sporting a buzz cut for some time now so the previous picture was definitely out-of-date.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the new blog theme and, when you get a chance, check out the blog on your smartphone – it really is a lot easier now to consume the content.

Time To Celebrate

With the launch of the new theme, I thought it would also be a great time for another Thrift GiveAway!

I held the 1st GiveAway a few weeks ago and it was definitely a lot of fun.  Congrats again to Oliver on winning this pair of LeBron’s!


But if you thought that pair was good, it’s nothing compared to the next pair that I’ll be giving away.  I don’t want to share too much information but I will say this:  two similar pair recently sold on eBay for $99.99 and $79.95!

And you could win it ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Excited yet?!

GiveAway #2 will start on Saturday and I’ll also unveil the mystery item that same day.  So check back and make sure you enter for your chance to win this amazing item.

Thanks again for all your support and I”ll talk to you soon!



A Quick Hello and My Finds of the Week

I have a few more hours until I visit Savers and Goodwill for the weekend so I thought I would just drop a quick note and say “Hi”.  I hope you’re having an awesome and (hopefully) relaxing weekend in your neck of the woods.

I also wanted to give another huge “THANK YOU!” to Jim for allowing me to share his latest finds with you.  His follow-up email has given me a nice jolt of motivation this week and it’s led to some pretty amazing finds.  Thanks Jim!

This week I plan on changing the theme and overall look of the blog so don’t be alarmed if you visit the site and it’s completely different.  I’ve been using this current them ever since Day 1 and it’s definitely time for a change.  I’m also itching to do my 2nd Thrift Store Giveaway so be on the lookout for the announcement!

Have a great Sunday and I’ll talk to you soon.


Finds of the Week

Ecco Golf Shoes

I’ll definitely take a closer look at Golf shoes after this sale.

Ecco Golf Shoes

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Vintage Air Jordan


Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Rare Adult Swim Pants

This was my most memorable sale for the week – not because it was the most profitable, but because the pants were just so damn unique.  The colors we’re vibrant and the design/print (I’m still not really sure who that character is)  will definitely make the user stand out.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim 2

Item Cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Harley Davidson Shirts

Thanks to Jessica (@JMJ697MN) I learned that Sturgis, an annual American Motorcycle Rally, will be held on August 4-10th so now would be a great time to list all your Harley Davidson and other motorcycle-related gear on eBay.

Harley Lot

Item cost:  $6.99 each

Winning Bid:  $66.00