The (Multi) Color of Money on eBay

Hey thrifters! Happy Tuesday and I certainly hope you’re having an awesome week so far!

It’s been an exciting past few days of eBay for me. I’m STILL making sales from that HUGE day at Savers a few days ago and my brother and I are STILL talking about how unbelievable amazing our finds were.

I initially listed those items using the Buy-It-Now format but I’ve since converted the majority of them to a standard auction format and having them end on Sunday. They’re already drawing a ton of interest and the Sunday ending time is my favorite so I’m excited to see how well these auctions do.

Yup, the Sunday Blitz strategy is back and it couldn’t have come at a better time now that the football season is in full swing!

Seahawks Controversy

Speaking of football, anyone catch the Monday night game?!

Seahawks fans are happy, Lions fans…not so much. To be honest, I didn’t know about that “push” rule either but then again I’m not paid to be a referee. What a tough way to lose…yikes! So yeah, sell Seahawks merchandise right now lol

Bright Sells!

Bright clothesIf there was a theme to my eBay sales this week it would definitely be that.

My multi-colored, eye-catching shoes and clothes did really well for me this past week (as they’ve done for me for the past few years) and I see no reason why that trend should stop.

There are some folks who love to stand out and they don’t mind paying a few bucks on shoes and clothes that will help them do just that.  Me personally, I’m not one of those guys – I would wear a plain grey t-shirt everyday of the week (and twice on Sundays) if I could!

Regardless of your preference, these bright items should be on your radar when shopping at the thrift stores.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite ways to shop!  I just let my eyes scan around the shoes and clothing rack and I would stop and investigate whenever something “catches” my eye.

Try it, you’ll be surprised at what you can find using this method!

I have a lot of momentum going right now and I’m going to try and keep it going by visiting one of my favorite Goodwill’s in Wahiawa.  It’s nearby to a military base so they receive some of the best stuff from military families who would rather donate their items  than worry about shipping them when they get stationed to a different base.

I haven’t been there in a while so I’m hoping there’s a ton of great stuff.

Have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon!


Finds of the Week

Nike Flyknit Running Shoes

Nike Crimson

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $36.00

Asics Gel Kayano 20

Asics Gel Kayano 20 Azure

Item Cost:  $9.99

Winning Bid:  $38.00

Tommy Hilfiger USA Hoodie

Tommy Hilfiger USA Hoodie

Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $37.06

Tommy Hilfiger USA Rugby Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger Rugby

Item Cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $41.00

Do This If You DON’T Want More eBay Sales PLUS a $325 Jacket!!


who caresI’m going to give you a piece of advice that’s made my life as a reseller so much more fun, enjoyable, and profitable:  Stop caring what people think!

Seriously, just let it all go!

Stop caring about what your neighbor, friend, or co-worker thinks about you having a online side-business.  Stop caring about what the Goodwill manager thinks about seeing you at their store 7 days a week.  And stop caring about what other thrift shoppers think when you bring out your smartphone to do some research.

Seriously, just let it all go!

“But Meinard, it’s not that easy.”

I know, and I completely agree.  It took me a while to get rid of these negative beliefs and it will take some time to overcome these thoughts in your head, especially if you’ve held on to them for so many years.

It’s going to be a challenge, but is it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!!

Thrift store reselling is sooo much more fun and sooo much more profitable when we decide to stop hiding and instead decide to start celebrating what we do!

I know for a lot of you  – myself included – thrifting and treasure hunting is the best part of reselling.  Am I right?!  I know it is.

But how much fun is it if you’re constantly looking over your shoulder to see if the manager is giving you what we call here in Hawai’i “the stink eye” for reselling their items on eBay?   (For the record, I’ve never nothing but support from thrift store staff members and I’m going to share with you a GREAT example in just a second.)

How much fun is it if you find a pair of Air Jordan XI’s or a rare Polo Ralph Lauren item but you can’t celebrate because you’re afraid that someone might see you?

Not much fun at all, is it?

Imagine how much more fun it would be if you could just walk down the aisle with your head held high without a single care in the world except finding that special item that you can resell for $50, $60, and even $100 in profit.  Now that’s fun!

You know what else is fun?!  Making more money!!

But you’re not helping matters by keeping your love for thrift store reselling to yourself.  Share it with the world and magically watch doors and opportunities start to open up.

In fact, I have a great example.  This happened on Thursday, September 24th:

I was at home yesterday packing some sales when I get a call from my brother, who also sells on eBay and the person I credit for getting me started as a reseller.

He was calling to tell me that I absolutely needed to get down to Savers ASAP because it’s raining Air Jordan, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and other designer brands right now! (In this story, I’m going to keep track of all the people who are aware that I resell and have offered help.  So far, that’s 1 person.)

I wasn’t actually planning to make a visit to Savers on that day but I trust my brother so I made my way down.

Out of habit, I always bring a bag of donations so I can receive one of those 5% discount stamp cards.  When I walk into Savers with my donations, the associate (who knows that I’m a reseller and who I basically call “Auntie” at this point because I see her so much) gave me a 20% off discount card instead of 5%.

And, as she was filling out my discount card, she told me that I NEEDED to check out the jackets because they received a bunch of awesome donations.  (That’s 2 people who offered help).

As I made my way down the aisle to the jackets section, the manager called me and waved me down to talk to him.  The manager also knows that I resell and he told me that his store just a received one of their best batch of donations this year and I’m definitely going to find a lot of stuff today.

He told me to let the cashier know when I’m ready to cash out so he can give me an additional 30% off the jackets!  Remember, this is the MANAGER of the store saying all this!  (That’s 3 people who offered help.)

After hearing 3 people tell me about the awesome selection I started to get a little excited.  I mean, what exactly are they talking about?

After taking a look at one the clothing rack, I knew EXACTLY what they were talking about!!

My brother was right, it was raining designer clothes at Savers!

Apparently, a retail store had closed down and they decided to donate all of their clothes to Savers.  (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!)

Every aisle was a goldmine and I couldn’t believe how many great stuff I found yesterday.  The magic number for me is usually 5-10; that’s the number of items that I typically purchase with each visit.  But this time, well…


My brother and I were causing a commotion in there and we even attracted the attention of an Amazon seller.  He came over to talk to us and he said that he always wanted to start selling on eBay.  We offered to help in any way I could and he promised us the same with Amazon.  (That’s now 4 people who offered help)

Do you think any of this would’ve happened if I had just kept my passion for reselling to myself?  Do you think I would’ve received the tip about the jackets or the additional discounts if the store associate or manager had no idea that I was reselling their items on eBay??  Highly doubt it!

It’s been almost a decade since  I started reselling thrift store items online (whoa, is that right?!) and only good things have happened ever since I started sharing my passion for it.  My sales have skyrocketed, I’ve met tons of great people along the way, and I never get tired of doing it!

Oh, and by the way, my brother and I spent a little over $300 for that entire shopping cart and guess what?!  I was able to get that back…with just ONE item!!

I just sold this Polo Ralph Lauren jacket for $325.00!!

Lodge Jacket

I also sold another Polo Ralph Lauren jacket for $90.00!!

Polo Utility

After just two sales, we we’re able to get back our investment which means that the rest of the cart is PURE PROFIT at this point!

Savers is having a 30% off special for Club Card Members today so I’m hoping to find a few more sweaters and jackets just like these two.

So remember:  SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

I’m SUPER grateful that my brother called me on that day.  And to think, I was just going to stay home that day.  That would’ve been a COSTLY mistake!

Have an awesome Monday and I’ll talk to you soon!


Thrift Reselling University is Officially Open!


I’m EXTREMELY excited to announce that Thrift Reselling University is now open for enrollment!!

Thrift Reselling University Sidebar2

I’ve been working on this project for some time now and I can’t believe that I’m finally able share it with you.  I’m CERTAIN that Thrift Reselling University is THE BEST resource available to help you jump-start your eBay sales.

I’m confident because of two reasons:

1) The Updated Content and Format
2) The “Earn While You Learn” Program

Just a quick teaser about the “Earn While You Learn” Program: Through this program, everyone who joins will receive one (1) valuable, personally hand-selected thrift store item for you to resell on eBay for every month that you enroll!

These items are THE BEST OF THE BEST thrift store items that I can find which means you’ll be ready to sell on eBay the moment you enroll in the course!

And the best part is that this program is 100% FREE and it’s included in your membership!  I’ll even take care of the shipping cost!!  (More about this exciting program in a little bit.)
Scroll down to check out the first 10 items that I’ve set aside for this program – you’re not going to believe your eyes!

But before we dive into this program, let’s first talk about the updated format in this University…

The New and Improved Format

I’m extremely pleased with the feedback that I received from my eBook , “The Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Reselling” eBook.  Overall, it was a HUGE success and I’m so proud of how it helped hundreds of resellers improve their eBay sales!

Over the years, however, I’ve been receiving comments about how the ebook format may have finally outlived its usefulness.

And I completely, 100% agree!

Here’s why:  When I first released the Reseller Guide, it was only 20+ pages.  Fast forward to today, and the ebook is now 119 pages!  (It would’ve ended up a lot longer than that too.   As I saw down recently to update the content, I couldn’t believe it…it ballooned to almost 300 pages of pictures and text!)

You guys enjoyed the content but the ebook format made it difficult to research brands and topics while you were out at the thrift stores.

Thrift Reselling University has resolved all those issues!

  • The contents – all the lessons, lectures, and videos – are mobile-ready and completely user-friendly!
  • You can access the contents on any device (that includes desktops, tablets, and smartphones)
  • It’s compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, and
  • The lessons are neatly arranged and organized so you can access the information that you want, when you want.
Here’s a sneak-peak of the newly designed format:


Curriculum Preview

As you can see, the content is much easier to digest and much easier to navigate through.  No more having to scroll through dozens of pages to access the contents that you’re looking for.  All the lessons are neatly arranged, which is useful when you’re shopping on-the-go at a thrift store.

Now, let’s say that you want to access the “Earn While You Learn” lesson.  You would simply click “Start” (the tab that’s highlighted in red above) and the lesson would then pop up like so:

Earn While You Learn Preview

The lesson contents will be displayed in the center and there are also several features along the edges that makes navigating so much easier.

On the left sidebar, the entire course syllabus is displayed so you can scroll and access the entire course directly from this page.  There’s also a handy “% Complete” notification bar above the course syllabus so you always keep track of your progress throughout the course.  You can also navigate the course using the “Previous Lecture” and the “Complete and Continue” tabs at the top of the page.

I can’t stress enough how much better this format is compared to an eBook  -it’s practically night and day!

More In-Depth Content

If there’s one constant in the world of eBay, it’s this:  The strategies are ALWAYS changing and if you want to be successful you’ll need to be flexible and constantly adapt.

Because of that, I’m happy to announce that  -in addition to the revised structure – the content has also received a robust update. The new format has allowed me to tackle (in much greater detail) many of your requests including:

  • How to write successful auction titles and descriptions (I provided the EXACT formula that I use)
  • Specific solutions to scammers and non-paying bidders
  • How to take enticing eBay pictures
  • The money mindset I use to increase my eBay earnings
  • and much more!

The new format also gives me the option to include videos, quizzes, and webinars – something that just wasn’t possible with the ebook format.  I’m extremely excited to take advantage of these formats and I know they’re going to provide a ton of value.

I also updated several of my flagship courses including “My Top Brands to Resell on eBay”, “Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren – Beyond the Pony Logo”, and the always popular “The Beginners Guide to Reselling Thrift Store Nike’s and Air Jordan’s”.

And I’m just getting started!!

Several more updates are on the way and I have new courses that will be released in the upcoming months!

As you can see, the content alone is worth the price of admission at Thrift Reselling University but, in reality…it’s only the beginning!

The “Earn While You Learn” Program

I’m going to dedicate all my available resources to help you achieve your goals and I’m taking that commitment to another level with the “Earn While Your Learn” Program!

You see, the majority of online courses available now will only provide you with information and end the relationship there.

I’m going to raise the bar…RIGHT NOW!!

I’m always looking for ways to provide greater service and impact, and the “Earn While Your Learn” Program allow me to do just that!

Through this one-of-a-kind program, you’re going to receive one (1) valuable thrift store item for you to resell on eBay for every month that you’re enrolled at Thrift Reselling University!

And don’t think for a second that you’re just going to receive some average thrift store item either.

Nope! I reserved only THE VERY BEST items for this program and that’s exactly what you’re going to get!

I’ve spent the past few weeks combing through Goodwill, Savers, and the Salvation Army looking for the best items and I now have dozens of items ready to ship.

And when I say “The VERY BEST items” I mean it!

Check out what the first 10 people who enroll in at Thrift Reselling University will be getting for their first month. I also included a snapshot of what a similar item recently sold for on eBay:

#1:  Air Jordan XIII “He Got Game”

He Got Game

What a similar pair sold for:

He Got Game Auction

#2:  Allen Edmonds Fairfax Dress Shoes

Allen Edmonds Fairfax

What a similar pair sold for:

Allen Edmonds Fairfax Auction

#3:  Air Jordan XVI


What a similar pair sold for:

Air Jordan XVI Auction
#4:  Nike Foamposite PRO Electric Green

Foamposite Pro Electric Green

What a similar pair sold for:

Foamposite Pro Electric Green Auction
#5:  Vintage Levi’s Corduroy Sherpa Jacket

Levis Corduroy Sherpa Lined

Here’s what a similar jacket sold for:

Levis Corduroy Sherpa Lined Auction
#6:  Nike Lebron V

Lebron vHere’s what a similar pair sold for:

Lebron V Auction
#7:  Brooks Ghost 7 Running Shoes

Brooks Ghost 7Here’s what a similar pair sold for:

Brooks Ghost 7 Auction

#8:  Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Beach Towel

Polo Bear TowelHere’s what a similar item recently sold for on eBay:

Polo Bear Towel Auction

#9:  Nike Air Max Tuned Air

Air Max Tuned AirHere’s what a similar pair sold for:

Air Max Tuned Air Auction
#10:  Air Jordan XII Youth

Air Jordan XII White Red

Here’s what a similar pair sold for:

Air Jordan XII White Red Auction

Timing is Important:  First Come, First Serve

Not only are these items amazing, but they will also cleaned and prepped PLUS I’ll email you the exact eBay auction title and item description that I would use.  Sound like a good deal?!

Here’s the bottom line: You’ll be ready to sell the moment you enroll at Thrift Reselling University!

Obviously, past performance doesn’t guarantee future success so I can’t guarantee that you will receive these types of bids and items each month.

One thing I CAN guarantee, however, is this: The Earn While You Learn Program is my NUMBER 1 Priority and YOU WILL receive the very best thrift store items that I can find each month. THAT I can guarantee!

And if you need a 4-year history of the quality of thrift store items that I find one consistent basis, then check out my Finds of the Week post.  I’ll let my results speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to reserve an item for anyone.  The only fair way would be to have a “First Come, First Serve” approach; meaning, those who enroll the earliest will receive the best items.  That’s also the same approach that I”m going to have moving forward.

Click Here NOW to Enroll and Secure the BEST Items!!

Thrift Reselling University Sidebar2

“Meinard, Are You Crazy?”

I’ve discussed Thrift Reselling University and the Earn While You Learn Program with some family, friends, and fellow resellers, and the first reaction is usually the same:

“Are you crazy?!  You’re just going to give these items away to other people?! You can make more money just selling them yourselves!”

First of all, I’m not crazy and I know exactly what I’m doing.   Secondly, they actually bring up a good point: I COULD make a lot more just selling these items myself.   But you know what?   I really don’t care!

At this point in my reselling career, my priorities have changed.   After almost 10 years, I already know I’m capable of becoming a successful reseller.

The challenge now is to help others realize the same thing for themselves. That’s my focus and motivation now, and that’s why it’s easy for me to give away these items!

“System Driven” Plus a LIMITED-TIME Discount

The brands I share and the strategies I teach are literally worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars in eBay sales.  Don’t believe me?  That’s fine, but maybe you’ll believe the other eBay sellers who’ve used my strategies:

“…I wanted to share a few of my big wins for the week..I sold a Vintage Sigma Nu (a college fraternity for anyone not sure) football Jersey.  I literally saw this in Savers for a month.  It was $6.99 for the longest, so I passed…once it hit the 50% off  time, I bought it and it sold  literally 2 hours later for $32.99….Thank you, Meinard, yet again, since you were the first reseller I ever followed, and your blog/book has been worth THOUSANDS to me…”  -Tim

“Recent finds include Nike Women’s Shox Shoes $1 sold for $32.99 , Chicago Bulls Vintage Starter Jacket $2 sold for $35. That’s turning $3 into $67!(before fees)…Once again if anyone is on the fence about doing this, what are you waiting for? Best home business I have ever found by FAR!!!!!…I HAVE BEEN doing this I think around 4 years now and this course it worth ten times what Meinard is asking!  Knowledge is KING!”  -Jim

After almost a decade of reselling thrift store items on eBay,  I think it’s safe to say that my success isn’t a “fluke” anymore.  At this point, it’s a “system”.  That’s important because a system is proven, dependable, and , most importantly, it’s reproducible!

McDonald’s, for example has a great system.  Regardless of which McDonald’s you go to, you can expect – more or less – the same food and the same experience because they have a system built in place.  Starbucks is the same way.  So is Apple.

I’ve had success with the Reselling System that I teach for almost a decade now (proven), in several locations including Hawai’i, California, Las Vegas, and Europe (dependable), and hundreds of other eBay sellers who followed the course have gone on to achieve tremendous results (reproducible)!

It just flat-out works!

And now you can enroll for a fraction of the price!!

To celebrate the opening of Thrift Reselling University, I’m  offering a special $20 off discount for the LIFE of your membership – that means $20 off EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!

That means more money in your pockets and higher potential for profits from your “Earn While You Learn” item!!

This offer is only available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY and it will expire on Saturday, September 26th.
Click Here to Take Advantage of this Limited Time Offer!

Thrift Reselling University Sidebar2

I’m extremely excited about Thrift Reselling University and everything that it has to offer.  If you’ve been dreaming of getting started as a reseller or if you want to enter the “Fast Lane” of making money on eBay, there’s no other resource quite like this one to help you achieve your goals!

Cheers and I’ll see you inside the University!


One of my Favorite Patterns to “Hunt for” at the Thrift Stores


I emphasized the words “Hunt for” in the title because it ties in perfectly to the pattern that I want to talk about today and that’s camouflage, or camo for short.

The purpose of camouflage clothing is to blend in with the environment.  Animals have been using it for centuries to hide from predators and we followed suit by using it for military and hunting purposes.  And trust me, they work.

Check out these pictures (I love the owl!):

Sniper CamoOwl Camo

I’ve never been hunting out in the woods and I’ve never been in a position where I actually needed camo gear, but I’m a HUGE fan of the camo pattern when it comes to reselling.

I “hunt” for it and it’s always on the back of my mind whenever I’m scanning through the thrift store.  And while in the woods or forest, this pattern may be difficult to spot – they stick out like a sore thumb at the thrift store!

I found this jacket about a week ago at Goodwill and the camo pattern was just screaming at me as soon as I entered the store.  This pattern is a thrift store priority for me so I ALWAYS check out a camo item as soon as I spot one.

Orvis Camo

I had a feeling that this item was going to be a winner because it had a few things going for it:

  1.  The Camo pattern
  2. The brand – Orvis is solid
  3. The material – it was made of goose down which is great for padding and insulating.

This is terrific combination and I couldn’t wait to get it listed on eBay. The only issue now was pricing.

I was going to use my tried-and-true Goldilock Price Point but I had a hunch that a bidding war could take place over this item.  I was betting that this was a rare, vintage item because the Orvis tag didn’t look anything like modern Orvis tags that I typically see.

I eventually decided to start the auction at $24.99 and it’s a good thing I did!

It immediately started to gain watchers.  The bids shot up to $30, 40, and $50 before it finally ended in a flurry of last-second bids at $65!!

Definitely one of the more memorable items this past week and a good reminder of why I’m always on the lookout for this awesome pattern.

Hope you’re having a great week so far.  I’m off to visit a few thrift stores today so wish me luck!


Still In the Game!


Hey there thrifters!  How’s everybody doing?! Or as the locals here in Hawai’i would say, “Howzit?!” (flash “shaka” sign here)

I hope you’re doing well and I certainly hope you had an amazing Labor Day Weekend.!

Three day weekends are always great, aren’t they?! Actually, the freeways were clear last Friday also so it seems as if a lot of people took advantage of the opportunity to have themselves an extended vacation over the weekend.

Kudos to them, well played!

Me on the other hand…well, I’ve been busy.  I’ve actually been so busy working on a project that I didn’t even realize that it’s been a while since posted any of my recent sales here.

labor day salesSorry about that.  I know several of you have been contacting me to ask if I’m still reselling and the answer is a definite YES!

I have no plans on stopping.


Why would I when I’m still having so much fun and I continue to find valuable stuff during each visit?!   In fact, I had a nice little bump in sales yesterday also.  Glad to see that buyers were still active over the long weekend!

Savers had a 50% off sale over the weekend and I know several of you took advantage of that sale and had TREMENDOUS luck with some of the items that you found.  Congratulations!

I avoided the actual sale date but I did manage to visit both of my Savers store on Saturday ( the day before the sales) and I was able to find some sneakers and jeans.  I didn’t get the 50% off but I did have a 30% off stamp card in-hand so I still received a pretty decent discount.

(Note:  Visiting the thrift stores BEFORE the actual sale day is one of my favorite strategies, click here to read why)

And thank you to everyone for thoughts and prayers during the recent storms here.  They’re always appreciated.  The skies have cleared and it appears back to normal here on the islands.  Again, thank you so much!

Have yourself a great week and I’ll talk to you soon!


Finds of the Week

Polo Ralph Lauren Golf Jacket LambswoolItem Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $41.00

Merrell Hiking Boots


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $43.00

Paul Green Munchen Heels

Paul Green

Item Cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $51.00

Ready to Get Serious About Thrift Store Reselling on eBay?

If you are really considering reselling thrift store item on eBay, then you have to check out my FREE Thrift Store Reselling mini-course.

In this 2-week course, I reveal some of my favorite and most profitable thrift store items that I consistently sell on eBay.

Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

Give Me Access To The Free Course!
Enter Your Name & Email Address:

Be Careful Where You Step in Hawai’i


Hey there thrifters, what’s up?!  Hope you’re doing well and having an awesome week so far!

For locals and tourists here in Hawai’i, I’m not sure if “awesome” is the word that we would use to describe the week we’ve been having but it’s definitely been an interesting one to say the least.

Okay, the good news first.

The good news is that we side-stepped yet another potential hurricane this past week.  Woo-hoo!!

The bad news is that the remnants of this system is wreaking havoc right now on the islands.  It’s SUPER hot and muggy (probably mild compared to other locations but it’s uncomfortable for Hawai’i standards) and there have been thunderstorms all week.

Plus, the sewer systems weren’t equipped to handle the sudden downpour of rain so that’s caused some rather unsightly  scenes across the state.

Here’s the front page of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser yesterday:

What a messThere’s been reports of manhole covers bursting with sewage, run-off spilling into the streets and into homes and apartments, and Waikiki Beach actually had to be closed because gallons of untreated sewage made it’s way to the coastline.

What made that Waikiki Beach situation even worse is that a few – actually, A LOT –  of tourist either didn’t see the signs posted or they chose to ignore it altogether and they still decided enter the water.  Yikes!  I hope they’re okay.

It’s actually much better today and it’s looking like it’s going to be a “typical” Hawai’i day.  But for how much longer?

Hurricane PathJust yesterday, ANOTHER storm system – Tropical Storm Ignacio – has formed.   It’s expected to strengthen into a hurricane tomorrow and it’s current forecast has it headed straight for the Big Island. This is crazy!  I can’t remember another Hurricane Season as active as this one.  Hopefully, this system starts turning away soon and we can dodge this one as well.

I haven’t had a chance to thrift much this week because of the weather but I still had a few decent sales to share today.  Like I said, the weather looks much better so hopefully I’ll get a chance to do some thrifting today *fingers-crossed*.

Please enjoy my latest sales and best of luck at the thrift stores!


Finds of the Week

Obey Aztec Print Hat

Obey Hat

Item Cost:  $2.99

Sold for:  $27.99

Victoria Secret Hawai’i Jacket

Pink Hawaii

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $27.99

Levis Denim Jacket

Levis Red Jacket

Item Cost:  $6.99

Sold for:  $49.99

Thrift Store Items to Resell on eBay: Monster Energy Apparel


Happy Monday thrifters, I hope you’re doing well and having a great start to your week!

After last week’s record setting numbers, the pace slowed down for me on eBay.  I’m still waiting on a few auctions to finish today but I can already tell that I’m not going to be pulling in the same amount of sales.

Oh well,  we need to be prepared for the ups AND downs on this roller coaster ride we call eBay, and it’s just the cost of doing business.

While I wait for those auctions to finish, I thought I’d share with you a brand that I’ve been having some pretty decent success with recently:  Monster Energy.

By now, I’m sure we’re all familiar with this company and if by chance you’re not, I can guarantee that you’ve at least seen this brand at the supermarket or in the hands of some teenager or business professional who’s looking for a quick caffeine boost.

Monstery Drinks

Monster is one of the major players in the Energy Drink industry.  I’m actually fan of energy drinks – probably a little too much.  I use to drink 1-2 Monsters per day before I realized just how much caffeine they put into one of those.  So now it’s more like 1-2 per week, which is probably a safer dose for me.

Their logo is one of the easiest to identify (and not to mention, one of the most awesome, in my opinion).  The “M” logo on their products was designed in such a way that it looks like animal claws were tearing through the can.

Monster Logo

In addition to their thriving beverage sales, Monster also sponsors and provides apparel for a variety of rally and motorcross drivers and many of these products are worth some decent money on eBay.

Check out some of these sales on USED Monster gear:

Monster AuctionMonster Auction2

Monster Auction3

Not bad, right?!

I found this Monster jersey a week ago and it sold for $34.99 within hours of listing it.

Monster Jersey

Monster has definitely been a pleasant surprise for me and their apparel has become an automatic purchase for me whenever I find them at the thrift stores.

I hope this helps.  Thanks again for all your support and best of luck at the thrift stores!


My New 2-Day Record on eBay!! (A HUGE Milestone For Me)


Hey thrifters!  Thanks for taking the time to read this post and I certainly hope you’re doing well and having an amazing week so far!

It’s been a crazy past few days for me.

On my last post I mentioned that Hurricane Guillermo was on a course to potentially reach the island.  Thankfully, it took a much more northernly route than expected so, aside from a bit of muggy weather and a few more thunderstorms, we barely felt the effects of that storm here on the islands.

Crisis averted…that is until ANOTHER system, Hurricane Hilda, decided to form literally as soon as Hurricane Guillermo was passing by.

Yup, it’s been a busy hurricane season to say the least.  Guillermo’s route chances frequently and as of now it looks like only the Big Island will be affected so thoughts and prayers go out to everyone on that island.

My New Record:  Uncharted Territory

I left for a trip last Wednesday and I just recently came back on Monday.  It wasn’t a vacation or anything and it was strictly business so no pictures, sightseeing, or trying out interesting cuisine unfortunately.

I did, however, think it was a great opportunity to run another Sunday Blitz and boy was I rewarded for making that decision!

Today, I’m EXTREMELY happy to announce that I just reached an important milestone (for me, anyway).  Because of my sales on August 9-10, my new 2-day sales record on eBay is…$1,039.87!!!!

Here’s the breakdown of payments received.  This number is the total Paypal payment I received and it includes shipping as well:

August 9:  $127.47

August 10:  $912.40

Isn’t that awesome?! I finally made over $1000.00 in two days!!

As you can see, I barely made it over the mark and I was actually really close to not making it.  In fact, I was stuck on $982.84 on Monday night until the $57.03 payment arrived for this pair of Air Jordan’s:

xvI know this isn’t some eBay record or anything and there are some of you who have already surpassed this  milestone, but for me this is a big deal and I couldn’t be more happy!

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Here’s a picture of all the packages ready to ship:


Don’t Forget About Standard Auctions Just Yet

The strategy I used to sell these items was pretty easy:  I used standard auctions for all my items and I set a low starting price of $9.99 or $24.99.  After that, I just let the auctions run on auto-pilot and I let the buyers decide whatever price the item was worth.

There was a wide range of ending prices but that’s perfectly fine because it still means that inventory is moving and payments are being received.  Payments are also still coming in so the final tally from those two days is actually much higher.

It’s been an amazing past few days and I just realized that I have yet to visit a single thrift store since I came back.  I’m definitely looking forward to paying them a visit and seeing what’s accumulated since I left.

With the $1000 mark checked off my list, it’s time to set my sights on even loftier goals.  The obvious next mark would be $1500 within two days but why stop there?  Screw it, I’m going to try for $2000 in two days!

Sounds crazy right now but who cares?!  Making $1000 in two days also sounded crazy at one point and look what just happened.  I know it’s going to take A LOT of hard work to  make those numbers a reality but I’m not afraid of that.  As a matter of fact, I’m going to start today with a couple of thrift store visits.  Why wait right?

It feels great to be back and these latest results have just lit a fire under me.  I’m super excited to head out and get going again and I hope you feel the same way.

Please enjoy some of my recent sales and thank you for all your support and inspiration – it means more than you know :)  Talk to you soon!


Finds of the Week

Levis Vest

Levis VestItem Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $24.99

Vintage Brooklyn Dodgers MLB Jacket

Brooklyn DodgersItem  Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $28.00

Brooks Running Shoes


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $30.00

 Nike Air Max Running Shoes

Air Max Pink

Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $52.00

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I Better Share These eBay Sales Before Tropical Storm Guillermo Gets Here


Hey thrifters, hope you’re having a great week so far!

I’m currently having a pretty awesome run on eBay recently but to be honest it’s a little hard to concentrate on that with the impending threat of a hurricane-turned-tropical storm later this week.

Hurricane GuillermoYup, Tropical Storm Guillermo is expected to make landfall sometime Tuesday night and then make it’s way down the island chain through Thursday.  Thankfully,  Guillermo had weakened overnight from 105 mph winds to 65mph but it still has the strength to cause some serious damage even at it’s weakened state.

Current forecast has the storm moving north of the islands but you never truly know how these systems will behave.  Hopefully, everyone takes it seriously (as they should) and they’ve made the necessary preparations.

Safety is always the prevailing thought in these moments but I’m always mindful of the potential impact that these storms have on my eBay business also.  The past storms have negatively impacted shipping on several islands and some of my eBay items were delayed in the process.

I’m sure customer-service will understand and remove any negative feedback I receive as a result of the storm but hopefully it never gets to that point.

In the meantime, please enjoy my latest Finds of the Week and please keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week.

Thanks again for all your support and have an amazing week!


Finds of the Week

Reebok CrossFit Training Shoes

The Reebok resurgence continues!  Click here to check out my other Reebok sales.

Reebok Crossfit

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $30.00

Under Armour Golf Shirt

Under Armour Golf Shirt

Item Cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $31.99

Nike Air Jordan XI Low

I’ve been saying this since Day 1 of this blog and I’m going to keep saying it until I finally decide to stop blogging:  You NEED to be selling Air Jordan’s on eBay!!  It’s one of the easiest brands that you could possible sell.  If you haven’t started yet, seriously what are you waiting for?  Dive right in, the water’s fine!!


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $89.99