Thrift Store Finds of the Week + Love Is In the eBay-Air


Happy Aloha Friday!!

The weekend is almost upon us so I thought I’d share some of my best eBay sales from this past week before all the errands, task, and I guess basically “life” in general gets in the way.

However, before we get into some sales, I wanted to quickly share a pretty cool story that I was happy to be a part of.

A buyer had a wedding anniversary coming up.  Unfortunately she wasn’t able to spend that day with her husband because she was out-of-town taking care of sick relative (much props to her for doing that also).

So she bought one of my items (an Ohio State Buckeyes jersey) as an anniversary gift for her husband and she was wondering if I could include an anniversary message in there for her husband.  I’m not going to mention what was in the message for privacy sake but I thought that it was an awesome gesture and I was more than happy to follow through on this request.

Honestly, I’m generally not fond of additional buyer request.  I have a streamlined process when it comes to shipping my items and it gets disrupted whenever I receive “special” request such as writing product numbers on the package, folding their items a certain way, etc.

I even had a buyer – after realizing that I’ll be shipping from Oahu, Hawai’i – ask me to include a handful of sand from Ko Olina beach so she could reminisce about the vacation she took there a few years back.  Yeah sure, I’ll get right on that.  I didn’t do it, that’s a big no-no here.

notebookHowever, when it comes to something like celebrating a wedding anniversary, who am I to get in the way of love?  I think I may have The Notebook a few too many times lol

How about you?  Have you received any “special” request from buyers?  What’s the weirdest one you ever received?  Technically, we’re not obligated as sellers to complete these additional task but what’s your policy? Do you do them anyway for the sake of the sale?

Thanks again for all your support and have a FANTASTIC weekend!!


Finds of the Week

Tommy Hilfiger Rugby Shirt

(Always happy to see the tags still attached!)

Tommy Tag

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $40.00

Nike Durant Hyperflight

I sold this same shoe in a different color a few weeks ago.  You can check it out here.


Item Cost:  $13.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Newton Running Shoes

newton IV

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

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And the Winner is….


First, I just wanted to thank everyone SO MUCH for participating in this latest giveaway!  The response has been amazing and I can’t thank everyone enough for sharing their experiences.

We’re In This Reseller-Thing Together

I don’t know about you, but for some reason it felt almost therapeutic for me to read about everyone’s challenges and hurdles.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy AT ALL that we’re facing these challenges.  However, it did make me feel at ease (strangely enough) that there are others who are facing the exact same issues that I’m facing.  It felt good to know that I’m not alone in all this.

So thank you again to everyone who participated.  The feedback I’ve received has been nothing but positive and I can’t wait to run Free Giveaway #5!!

So without further ado, the winner of this giveaway and a free pair of Nike Air Jordan III’s is….drum roll please…MAGGIE!!

Congratulations, Maggie!  I know you mentioned that there’s heavy construction around your Goodwill which is making it harder for you to visit the store.

Well, this time, this pair of Air Jordan will be delivered TO YOU so you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the thrift store items to come to you instead.

Congrats again on winning and enjoy the shoes!!

FREE Giveaway #5 Coming Soon

Thank you again for making this giveaway such a huge success.  The thrift stores have always provided me with great stuff and it feels good to be able to share those treasures with everyone else!

Don’t worry if you didn’t win this one, I plan on holding my next giveaway REALLY soon and I’m not sure (just yet) how I’m going to top this item but I will.

Have a great weekend everyone and be safe!




FREE GIVEAWAY #4: Nike Air Jordan 3 III Fire Red ($100+ Resale Value on eBay!!)


Hey Thrifters, it’s Meinard here.  I’m SUPER excited because today , as promised, I’m hosting my next FREE Giveaway!

For those of you counting, this is the 4th Free Giveaway promotion that I’ve ran and it feels like the stakes just keep getting bigger and bigger, doesn’t it?!

I gaveaway a pair of youth size Nike Lebron’s on the first giveaway, a pair of youth Air Jordan 14’s on the second , and a pair of Nike Free Flyknit “Rainbow” on the third.

Those were awesome items and they were a lot of fun to giveaway.  However, I’m especially excited about this 4th one because one of you will be walking away with one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever:  A Nike Men’s Air Jordan 3 III Fire Red Cement size 11!!!

Here’s some pics of what you’ll be receiving:

Fire Red GiveawayFire Red Giveaway3

Fire Red Giveaway2

If you’re already familiar with sneakers, then these shoes really need no introduction.  However, for those of you not familiar with Air Jordan’s, let me say this:  You want this pair!!

The Air Jordan 3’s are one of the most popular sneakers in the entire Air Jordan line so you’re going to attract a ton of interest when you list this pair on eBay.

There’s some scuffs and creases from use but trust me, someone out there in eBay-land is going to want this pair!

Here are some recently completed USED auctions for this exact item:

Fire Red AuctionFire Red Auction2Not bad, huh?!

Is it FREE to Enter?

It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE to enter and you don’t have to spend a single dime!  I’ll even pay for the postage to mail the shoes (US only, no International shipping)!

I’m going to try something different with the entry process this time.  In the previous giveaways, you had several entry options to win the item but, this time, there’s only going to be one way to enter.

All you have to do is answer the following questions in the comment section of this post:

What are you struggling with the most right now on eBay or with reselling in general?  What’s that big hurdle(s) that’s preventing you from reaching your sales goals?

Frustration2I think this is a great question and I’d love to get a discussion going about the challenges that we’re all facing.

(Please note:  No cheating guys, you have to answer the question in order to be eligible to win.)

Trust me, regardless of the issues you’re having, I’m confident that you’re  not the only one facing them.

If you scroll down to the comments section I already wrote down two (2) issues that I’m having at the moment.  I’m pretty sure some of you can relate to them.

So, what’s causing you the biggest headaches right now?

Let the Games Begin

I’m super excited to give this pair to someone.  I’ve made a killing reselling Air Jordan’s on eBay for almost a decade now and I can’t to have someone else share in the excitement!

If you have a blog or if you know someone who might be interested in this giveaway, please share, follow, like, retweet or whatever else you need to do to get the word out.

The contest will officially end on July 24th at midnight so there’s plenty of time to enter.  I’ll be announcing the winner the following day.

Thanks again for all your support and GOOD LUCK!!!


From Thrift Stores to eBay: Finds of the Week plus EUREKA!!


Hey Thrifters!  Happy Monday, I hope you had yourself a fantastic weekend filled with fun, laughter, and hopefully a few eBay sales sprinkled in-between!

I definitely had a few of each throughout my weekend (scroll down to check out some of my recent eBay sales) but first I am ecstatic, elated, overjoyed, and, most of all, relieved to announce that I have finally figured out what was causing the formatting issues that Mike  informed me about earlier.

EurekaAfter hours of researching Google,   attempting to fix code, trying to find a replacement theme that had all the bells and whistles that I needed…after all that…it was actually one, insignificant little plugin -that I don’t even use anymore, I might add- that was actually causing all the problems.

(I think my face actually looked like that when I finally discovered this! Lol)

All I needed to do was deactivate it and delete it from my account and all the problems would’ve magically disappeared.  I really wish I had known that earlier, it would’ve saved me HOURS of pain.

But oh well, the most important thing is that the issue is fixed and the site is working perfectly.  You can now scroll from page 1 to page 29 (yes, there are actually 29 pages of content that I’ve written over the years!) and you shouldn’t be seeing any more formatting errors.

Sorry for the long-winded update, I’m just that relieved that it’s finally over and I can move on to happier topics…like some eBay sales!!

FREE GIVEAWAY!! [Coming Soon]

It was a great weekend on eBay and, I’m not sure if it’s because of all the Back-to-School shopping buzz, but there’s been a nice upswing in sales and I’m definitely trying to pick up my listings to take advantage of it.

I also wanted to give you a heads up that I’m going to be holding another FREE GIVEAWAY this Wednesday.  I had a great time with the last FREE Giveaway event that I ran and we are definitely overdue for another one.

I’m not going to tell you what the item is just yet but I will tell you that this item is WAAAYYY more valuable than the last item that I gave away!  You’re DEFINITELY going to want to score this one!

Until then, please enjoy my latest sales and I’ll talk to you again on Wednesday!


Finds of the Week

Vintage Nike Suede Running Shoes


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $39.99

Mammut Hoodie Jacket


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $39.99

Vintage Colosseum Navy Midshipmen Hockey Jersey


Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Adidas Chivas USA Soccer Jersey


Item Cost:  $9.99

Winning Bid:  $59.99

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It May Be Time To Start Taking This Brand Seriously Again


Hey thrifters, happy Monday!

I’m still glowing from the rush of weekend sales and as I was looking over my eBay accounts trying to decide which item to share with you today I noticed something interesting.

Of course, there’s the usual suspects:  Nike, Air Jordan, jeans, jackets, and board games.  Pretty standard for me at this point and nothing unusual to report there.

What did catch my eye, however, was the sudden jolt of sales from a brand that I seriously considered was on life support for a long time.    This is a brand that I stopped purchasing for a long time – for personal & eBay use – but their recent increase in eBay sales and the success with their recent marketing efforts makes me wonder if it’s time to start taking them more seriously again.

The brand I’m referring to?  Reebok!

Here are some of my recent sales:

Sold for $24.99

Seahawks OnField

Sold for $27.99

Zigtech Shark

Sold for $30.00


 Sold for $39.99Burleson

These aren’t mind-blowing numbers but they’re solid sales for sure, and over time those numbers will add up rather quickly if you find a lot of these items.

I’m a Nike and Air Jordan guy through and through but there was a time when Reebok was actually a major player in the athletic apparel industry.  They had Shaq and Allen Iverson on their endorsement roster but it’s been a struggle back to relevancy since then.

They we’re purchased by Adidas in 2006 and the company’s  market share in the sneaker industry fell from  8% (which is already pretty bad) to an even meager 2%.  They no longer supply the NFL with their jerseys and they stopped making cleats for European soccer.

They figured that they could no longer compete with the “big boys” of Nike, Adidas, and even Under Armour so they ditched the team sports and celebrity endorsement model altogether.  Instead, they decided to put all their efforts on the growing trend of unconventional sports like CrossFit.

Check out some of the recent sales on eBay for a pair of their USED CrossFit- inspired sneakers: Reebok CrossFitNot bad, right?!  According to, the recent success with these products has given Reebok the confidence they needed to try and compete again with the likes of Nike, Asics, and Adidas.

Honestly, they still have a long way to go but it seems like their strategies are working so far.  Time will tell, but in the meantime I’ve been enjoying the fruits of their recent efforts on eBay.  Keep it up Reebok!

Anybody else having success with Reebok recently on Ebay?  Any Crossfitters, Spartan Racers, or competitive runners out there who use Reebok products?  The reviews I’ve been reading sound promising.

Have a great week thrifters – keep putting in the work and great things will happen!


From Thrift Stores to eBay: Finds of the Week (7/7/2015)


Hey there thrifters, I hope you had an amazing 4th of July weekend!

I certainly did.  I spent time with family and friends, did a little hiking, and I even found some time to just sit and relax next to this dock in a somewhat sleepy town of Hawaii Kai.


It was a super relaxed weekend and it felt like time just didn’t want to move.  You ever had that feeling?  Where you check your clock expecting 2 hours to have past by and it was only 5 minutes?

Honestly, it was a great because it feels like time is one of those things that speeds faster and faster the older I get.  So it was definitely an awesome feeling to have time sit still for a few hours so we can catch our breath.

It didn’t last long but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

It was a holiday weekend but, as many of you know, there are no holidays in this business and I’m more than okay with that.   It doesn’t feel like “work” so why would I need a break from it anyway.  So I still went thrifting for a few minutes and I found some amazing stuff.  Some of them have even sold already like the pair of Nike’s at the very bottom of this post!

Overall, it was an awesome weekend and that little break was just the burn-out remedy I needed to charge forward again.

Oh, and one more thing before I sign off – and thanks to Mike for letting me know about this.  Apparently there’s a formatting issue that occurs whenever we try to scroll past page 1 of this blog.

I’ve been researching the problem but I have yet to find a solution.  I’m going to try a few more tweaks and hopefully that fixes the problem.  If not, I may have to consider switching to another theme altogether.  I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you again for all your support!  All the emails, tweets, eBay sales updates, and the general awesomeness of thrifters just blows me away and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such a great community.

Have a great week and keep kicking @$$ out there!!


 Finds of the Week

True Religion Western Shirt

True Religion ShirtItem Cost:  $4.99

Winning Bid:  $36.00

Nate Burleson Seattle Seahawks Jersey

I’m not even sure if this guy is still on the team anymore.  Oh well, someone’s still a fan lol

BurlesonItem Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $39.99

Adidas Running Shoes


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $40.00

Vtg Nike Air Max Uptempo 97


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $59.99

Nike Galaxy Basketball Shoes


Item Cost:  $9.99

Winning Bid:  $59.99

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From Thrift Stores to eBay: Finds of the Week + The MOST DISGUSTING Thing I Ever Found in a Pocket


A valuable lesson I learned early on  – and hopefully this is something that you guys practice also – is the importance of checking the pockets of the thrift store items that you find.

I learned this the hard way unfortunately when a buyer took offense to a piece of used napkin that they found in the back pocket of a pair of jeans I sold.  Since then, I’ve been religiously checking every single pocket just to make sure there’s nothing in there that could lead to a negative feedback.

For the most part, I’ve been very lucky and most of the stuff that I  find are typically harmless – a receipt, a movie stub, and on some occasions I’ve even found cold, hard cash!

Then there are those times when I question why I ever stuck my hand in their in the first place.

Yesterday was one of those times.

I bought this FUBU denim jacket at Goodwill and as I was doing my usual pat-down I immediately felt something in the front chest pocket.  It definitely wasn’t cash or a movie stub, and as I slowly started to pull it out of the pocket, I found this…


Yes, Extenze male enhancement pills!  Fricken disgusting!

It was a 4-day supply and the individual already took two of them.  I showed my brother this pictures and he quickly commented, “Well, I guess they weren’t working…” Lol

You just gotta laugh it off sometimes.  I often hear resellers say that part of the joy of thrifting is that you never know what you’re going to find.


I’m curious, what’s the grossest thing you ever found in a pair of thrift store clothing?  Can you beat a box of used Extenze male enhancement pills?! Lol


Finds of the Week

Youth Air Jordan

I was hoping to get more for these Jordan’s but that’s eBay for you.  Still a decent sale though!

Air Jordan Cement

Item Cost:  $2.99

Winning Bid:  $29.00

Mizuno Running Shoes

Mizuno Prophecy

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $59.99

Oakley Bag

Oakley bag

Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $49.00

Brooks Running Shoes


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $60.26

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From Thrift Stores to eBay: Finds of the Week (6/22/2015)


Happy Monday thrifters!  It was another incredible week on eBay and I can’t wait to share some of my recent sales.

It’s interesting because the summer season is usually associated with a downturn of business on eBay but I haven’t seen that at all.  In fact, my sales have been steadily climbing since the summer started.

This trend has been fueled, I’m sure, by my recent decision to go back to using primarily auction-style listing and it doesn’t hurt that I’ve been finding some AMAZING stuff at the thrift stores recently.  (I have a current auction with 9 watchers with 4 days left and the bids are already at $63!!)

I have several auctions ending in a few hours that also look promising, and I was going to wait until those auctions finished before providing this update, but I just couldn’t wait.  Plus, the Goodwill down the street is calling my name so hopefully there’s a bunch of good stuff waiting for me when I get there.

Hope your summer sales have been sizzling as well. Keep your activity level up -thrifting, listing, learning –  and watch those amazing things start to happen.

Good luck!


Finds of the Week

Vintage Sawyer of Napa Leather Jacket

Sawyer Napa

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $24.99

Cabbage Patch Kids Babies

Definitely one of the most interesting items I’ve sold this week.  Oh well, a sale’s a sale!

Cabbage patch

Item Cost:  $2.99

Winning Bid:  $29.99

Adidas Porsche Hi-Top Sneakers

Adidas Porsche

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $59.99

Vtg Nike Penny Foamposite


Item Cost:  $8.99

Winning Bid:  $99.99

4 Ways to Avoid Burnout as an eBay Seller


burnoutYup, it’s going to happen.

As fun and exciting as thrift store reselling on eBay is, there will come a time when you lose motivation and the last thing you want to do is visit another thrift store or answer another buyers questions.

This happens to all of us and if you’re not vigilant – if you’re not constantly assessing your mood and energy levels – then you can easily find yourself burning out and losing the joy of being a seller.

I’ve been there a few times before (not so much recently, more so when I first started) and it’s not fun trying to work your way out of that funk.  Over time I’ve realized that the trick is to not get there in the first  place; to do a preemptive strike against burnout and prevent it from happening…

The following four tips are my go-to remedy for preventing reseller burnout and I credit them with saving my business on eBay.  Can you imagine if I decided to quit early on and not persevere?  That’s a lot of money I would’ve left on the table!

Sometimes you just need to take it one day at a time and find the strength – as tough as it is for eBay sellers sometimes- to show up and put in the work.  Hopefully, some of these tips will help you do just that!

Get Away

get away

Seriously, just stop everything you’re doing and get away from it all.

Unless you’ve just sold something and need it shipped right away (we need to take care of our DSR’s after all), you can manage to leave your eBay store on auto-pilot for a few hours or a few days even.  Trust me, your store will be just fine.

Often times, I think we’re so engrossed with solving our eBay problems – how can I make more sales, how do I get more views, what price should I set this item at, etc – that our minds just need to take a break and relax.

And here’s the amazing thing:  Not only will you relieve stress by letting go of those issues for a while, but often times you’ll actually find solutions to your problems while you’re doing other activities.

Dutch psychologists, based on recent studies, have concluded that “The subconscious mind is a terrific solver of complex problems when the conscious mind is busy elsewhere or,  perhaps better yet, not overtaxed at all“.

Yup, your subconscious is constantly thinking, grinding, and trying to shout-out solutions to you but it’s being drowned out by the avalanche of “details” in our lives.

So what does mean of us sellers?  It means take a mental-break from eBay every now and then.  I’ve been taking Off the Grid vacations for the past few years and they’ve been amazing at recharging my batteries and getting my energy levels back up.

bike ridingBut you don’t have to leave the country to do this; heck, you don’t even need to leave your neighborhood.

A simple walk, job, or bike ride around the block can work wonders.  Not into exercise?  Well, then read a book or connect with a friend over coffee.

It doesn’t matter the activity.  What matters is that you give  yourself a little breather and time to step away.

Sell Something. Anything!

“Sales Cure All”.

This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my business mentors, Mark Cuban.  Yes, that over-the-top owner of the Dallas Mavericks and one of the investors on the show Shark Tank.

This man is worth billions – not millions – billions of dollars.  With that level of net worth you know he’s been right more than a few times in his life and he hit the nail right on the head with this comment.  Making a sale is often times all you  need to put the fun back in eBay.  I mean, that’s what we’re all here for right?  To make some extra money?

I don’t know about you but that’s what I’m here to do.  I want to hear the virtual eBay cash registers going off constantly and when it doesn’t – even for a day or two – that’s when I start to lose my mojo.  That’s when this whole eBay thing doesn’t become “fun” anymore.

I mean, how can you not get excited after hearing something like this?

We absolutely NEED to make sales on a regular basis or this eBay thing will turn into a drag..quickly!  I’ve gone to extreme lengths to make this happen and I suggest you do also.  I’ve accepted low-ball offers, started Air Jordan’s at $0.99, and I’ve even taken losses on some items just to get the cash flowing, just to get my momentum snowballing again.

Remember, you need to make sales – it means everything to your eBay-soul!  When you see your Paypal balance starting climbing higher and higher, it’s such an adrenaline rush and you’ll feel compelled to go out and start thrifting again.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone

Not only is this good reselling advice – it’s good life advice as well!  Getting stuck in a rut or routine can make what was once exciting into mundane and boring.

It’s especially true with reselling:  It’s gonna get boring if you keep looking for the same things at the thrift store every single time.

The solution?  Keep learning and keep expanding!

I started this journey selling Nike’s and Air Jordan’s and even though I still enjoy tremendous success with niche I can’t imagine going to thrift stores and focusing only on shoes.  That’s so boring!

I’m constantly expanding my brand/niche vocabulary and this search for new items to look for has taken me into some items that I never once thought I’d get into.

For example:


Korea $68

Sold for $68

Board Games

Follett $79

Sold for $79.00


SpidermanHulkSold for $99.99

You don’t have to expand into all areas of thrift store all at once.  That can be overwhelming for anyone.  However, you can expand one at a time.

Those dresses that you always pass by without a second thought, take a few minutes and check out what’s available.  Those toys sitting by the cash register that are still sealed, research through eBay and Amazon and see if you can find a similar one.

Believe me, eBay-life starts outside your comfort zone!

Keep Stuff for Yourself – It Can’t Be ALL about Reselling

This has been my favorite stress-reliever this year!  In the past, I was very strict on myself when it came to keeping items – “It’s all about the profits” was my mantra early on.

I got so caught up in the numbers and profits that I forgot that one of the main reasons why I started this journey years ago (and one of the main reasons why I keep going to this day) is because it’s so much fun!

One of the best advice I can give to someone who’s just starting is “Start with what you know.”  That’s how I got started with selling Nike’s and Air Jordan’s.  Well, if you start selling what you know, eventually you’re going to run into something that you actually want to keep for yourself!

Here’s some of the best stuff I’ve kept for myself this year:


Believe me, these items are worth some decent profits on eBay but who cares?  I want them and they’re my size so I’m going to keep them.  I’ll probably find another one soon anyway, they always make their way to the thrift stores eventually.

Obviously you don’t keep ALL the stuff for yourself- you’ll have a closet  full of stuff instead of a business if that’s the case.  However, I am  HUGE proponent of rewarding yourself and, most importantly, HAVING FUN with thrift stores and eBay again.  And if that requires you to keep an item or too, then so be it.

If you see something you like and you’re heart tells you to keep it, well…then go ahead and keep it.  You’ve earned it!

 eBay Gladiators, I Salute You!

As sellers, I don’t have to tell you that it’s not all “unicorns and rainbows” on eBay-Land, but for me it’s not all bad either.  I think it’s important that  we inject some fun and perspective into our reseller business every now and then.

All sellers are equipped with an indestructible armor when we first start off and it gradually becomes weakened with every non-paying bidder, negative feedback, and extra fees that eBay imposes.

The four tips I just provided have been the best methods (for me, anyways) at repairing that armor so that we feel strong and ready again to fight on.

Hopefully you’ve read something here today that can help you in your business.  At the very least, it’s been a good reminder for me  that we all will struggle at one point or another, but it doesn’t mean it’s permanent.

Keep fighting and don’t forget to have some fun out there!

How about you?  How do you avoid burnout on eBay?  How do you stay motivated?  Let’s help each other out!


(Photos courtesy of,,

Finds of the Week (6/9/2015)


Happy Tuesday,  I hope you’re having an amazing week so far!

My eBay sales have received a nice little jolt recently so I just wanted to quickly share with you a few of my most memorable ones.

These sales have given me a nice little boost of motivation so I’m off to a nice, long day of thrifting at Savers and the Salvation Army.

Talk to you soon and, to all you basketball fans out there, enjoy the game today!

Oh, and if you haven’t done so already, please please PLEASE list your Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers items on eBay right now on eBay!  It’s been a great NBA Finals so far and both fan-bases are excited and I guarantee you they’re willing to spend right now.

As always, you can contact me through email at or through Twitter (@thrift_reseller) if you have any questions or just want to chat about reselling.

Thanks and wish me luck today at Savers and Salvation Army, I have a feeling it’s going to be a good visit!


Finds of the Week

Nike Youth Air Jordan

Fusion Pink

Item Cost: $2.99

Winning Bid:  $39.99

David Beckham Soccer Jersey


Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $41.00

Nike Dunk HI

Dr Feelgood

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $49.99

Retro Nike Air Jordan

IV Bred

Item Cost:  $6.99

Winning Bid:  $147.99!!